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  1. Luck.
    Something that is widely believed in.
    But now that is think about it, it is quite a unique concept to wrap my mind around.
    Luck seems to muster around thoughts of fate or destiny.
    This is just my opinion.

    Any one else care to educate the thought of "Luck"?

    (Thoughts seem to plague my mind)
  2. luck is just a normal chance/a percentage.

    we give luck meaning.

    the concept of karma plays into this aswell. life is all about randomness, there are endless possibilities. when we are being nice to someone, next time something good comes are way, many consider it karama. same with being bad, something bad happens we think its karma.
    i just believe that its LUCK of the draw and we link that random act to something.

    karma doesnt exist and i believe that its stupid. if you are having a bad day, another bad thing wont seem that big, but if a good thing happens its drastic. alot of people believe in karma...
  3. I think that given humans nature, of having to control everything...Luck is the title given to the chance of something good or pleasurable.

  4. Kharma has nothing to do with luck. Luck is the belief that something good is likely to happen to someone based on superstition (finding a four-leafed clover, the possession of a lucky item or trinket, etc...) Luck is really just about probability. Kharma, on the other hand, is the belief that the events and happenings of this world has a loop effect. It's the belief that doing good things and being a good person will impose good fortune on a person's life. This doesn't necessarily have to be good fortune from an outside source like finding a hundred dollars or someone doing something nice for you. It could also be portrayed as finding piece of mind or just being altogether a happy person. Luck is also somewhat instantaneous, normally being perceived as a day-to-day thing. The effects of Kharma, however, can take the entire span of one's life to be rewarded to the person.

    And, you've got it backwards, man. If you were to be having a bad day, then something bad would seem to have a drastic effect. If you having a good day, a bad occurance would just simply be shrugged off. But, of course, I suppose it would depend on how extreme the bad happening was.

    Another belief of the like is the Law of Attraction. The understanding that what you invision will happen will indeed happen. If you wake up in the morning and stub your toe the days events will continually spiral out of control leading to a bad day. However, if one wakes up with the mind-set that today will be an amazing day, one will indeed have a good day.
  5. quite interesting.
    but how can you truly be certain of the probability of this?
  6. You can't :D. It's a belief. I believe in this Law, but I'm not gonna go out and try to prove it to people. Buttt, I will say that I used to think that the whole idea of positive thinking was complete bull. But now I do believe that thinking positive will make your day better (doesn't sound right, you get the idea though). Last year pretty much everyday during my before-school shower I would either purposely think "This will be a badass day" or I would think "This day's gonna suck penis". And I found that when I would think positive about it it would help. Like if I was mad when I woke up I would still try to think that the day would be good and I like to think it helped.

  7. There's an IFC film about this very thing. It's called The Secret, I believe. You should check it out if you're interested.

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