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  1. I have been reading up on how to increase your chances at having a lucid dream. For those of you who don't know what that is-

    A lucid dream is when you realize that you are dreaming while your sleeping. Now a lot of times you will wake up when you realize this, but if you don't you can then take control of your dreams, ie do what you want.

    As I was reading up on this it said to look at your hands because often times you will not have the usual 4 fingers and 1 thumb. It also said to avoid looking in mirrors because your self image will appear either fuzzy or distorted.

    Well last night I remember realizing I was dreaming, so naturally I looked at my hands. My left hand had 3 fingers and a thumb and my right hand had 4 fingers and a thumb. Then I looked in a mirror, or tried anyway. Distorted isn't the right word. I would choose you look "fucked up" Seriously in my dream my face looked like a nightmare. My eyes were all crooked and my face was misshapen. It looked like someone went to town on my face in Photoshop.

    Well anyway I just thought it was kind of cool. I recommend trying to have a lucid dream, they can be a lot of fun.

    Have you ever had a lucid dream? Share your stories.
  2. Good thread man.

    But you missing out what to do to increase your chances of having one.

    I have had them before. It's a weird feeling. Almost like you broke down a barrier and are free.
  3. That's awesome, especially for the fact that you could remember it so well.
    I've had one lucid dream so far, but I think I slipped from lucid, to normal, and back to lucid, a couple of times, so it's a little hazy for me. But, here's my story:

    I remember I had been reading a little on lucid dreaming for about a week, and tried a few of those little 'tricks' to get myself to reach lucidity.

    I meditated while in bed, before I fell asleep. I thought to myself "lucid dreaming, lucid dreaming, lucid dreaming..." over and over just before falling asleep. I also, sometimes, read about lucid dreaming before I went to bed. I 'tried' to keep a journal and pen next to my bed to take 'dream notes', but, honestly, I couldn't be bothered to start writing, or even remember that I had a pen and notebook next to me, the second I woke up from dreaming... And I'm just lazy :rolleyes:.

    But, finally, it just came to me. I think the first moment I realized that I was in a dream was either when I was dreaming that I was in some kind of old, like western-ish, town, and I thought to my-dream-self, "I'm in a dream... Yes. :devious:" or, when I was sitting on a couch which had a mirror on top of a table sort of thing, and I just sort of 'instinctively' (I read that one of the things you can do to remind yourself that you're in a dream is to touch a mirror, and you'll usually pass through it), or unintentionally, leaned over and part of my body went through the mirror.

    As I said before, I'm pretty sure I slipped from lucid, back to regular dreaming, and back to lucid. I was in control for some parts, and some parts I somehow just ended up in, haha.

    Sorry, kinda long.
  4. We did a project in my psychology class a while ago connecting dreams to your life and finding out what they mean and trying to find deeper meanings. Was AWESOME. Professor taught us methods to better remember our dreams and it worked quiete well for me.

    Right when you lay down and are ready to sleep, Say allowed, "I will remember my dreams in the morning." Yeah sounds goofy but hey w/e. Set your alarm like 5 or more minutes earlier than your schedule and have a pad of paper next to your bed. The idea is that waking up that little bit earlier will interrupt your REM(Deapest Sleep Stage) sleep and give you the best results.

    Now it might not work for all, or some just might not need the help remembering, but it was awesome for me :D
  5. it is a weird feeling.even more weird is when u wake up and u realize u were alseep so you go back to sleep and end up back in the same dream...its happened to me a few times.
  6. Haha yeah i have done that before...

    And when your kind of in between worlds. You keep waking up and falling asleep but you don't know which is which.

    I don't know if that made sense.:p
  7. Yeah I have quite a bit actually never tried it just happens.. I leave my TV on at night so sometimes ill wake up to a weird sound on it or something and I will fall right back asleep into the same dream but i can still hear my TV on. Then I know I am dreaming and I can somewhat control what I do in my dreams. Some times its amazing other times its kinda fucked up..
  8. Sounds like some strong acid.


    I've never had a lucid dream, my mom says that she has them all the time though.
    She's like the Dream Master.

  9. Dreams are caused by DMT - a chemical released from deep in your brain while you are sleeping. It is highly illegal, it is the strongest hallucinogen known to man.

    And ya, I have had that before, where I keep falling asleep/waking up. It is so weird because it is like you are just in a daze.
  10. I know man, I just like saying "Sounds like some strong acid." Better than I do, "Sounds like some strong DMT."
    Acid just rolls off the tongue better. :rolleyes:
  11. is there any correlation between lucid dreaming and sleep talking?
  12. You don't want to avoid identifying things that are out of place in dreams, you want to find them so you can realize you're dreaming! That's the point. Look at your hands, try to poke your finger through your palm, try to pinch your nose close your mouth and still breathe, look at the mirror, do whatever you can't normally do. These are reality tests and they are pretty effective to helping you realize you're dreaming.

    Ever since I got a job I haven't been able to continue with my attempts at having lucid dreams, but tomorrow's my last day and then I go home for the summer. Can't wait to get started again.
  13. For a very short amount of time I was on a Lucid Dream forum, it's really interesting stuff and I have tried proven methods which mostly work. Unfortuatley you're not allowed to discuss illegal substances on there so I couldn't tell 'em how weed affected dream states :rolleyes:

    It's a great thing to get into though. Really helps ya get in touch with your subconsious mind and it can definatley improve your sleep.
  14. I've always wanted a lucid dream but I've never had them. I have dreams most nights but I never realize I'm dreaming until after I wake up. :confused: I can't be like "this isn't possible, I must be in a dream" I always just except that the things in my dreams are happening and don't question them.

    Anyone know what could help me have a lucid dream?
  15. a while ago i read an article about this girl who described how every night when she slept, she entered a sort of library, where she could choose to have a previous dream again, or choose to have a new dream. somehow she had this "dream lobby" from which she could control her dreams. it was very bizarre and interesting, i have been searching for it, but i cant seem to find it. if someone knows what im talking about, post the link if you can find it. it was quite an intriguing look into how the subconscious mind works.
  16. Oh, yea I know man. When I read your post it just got me thinking about it agian, so I thought I would mention it for anyone who didn't know it.:cool:
  17. Dude.The Shawn's post reminded me but my mom had a really fucked up lucid dream before.She like was getting chased around by Freddy in her dream but she could hear things that really were happening too.So when everyone heard her yelling and shit we checked what was up but we just made it worse.She couldn't open her eyes lmao and it was pretty funny cuz she didn't know what was going on for a long ass time.I'm gonna try to have a lucid dream tonight but I usually have no idea of what I dreamed about

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