Lucid Dreams

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  1. Has anyone experienced it. Lately I have been training myself to have them. I still have a ways to go, but the end will be worth it.

    Any tips would be appreciated.

  2. Dream journal
    Dream journal
    Dream journal

    Have one already?
  3. dude lucid dreams are pretty fun lol...once u realize ur dreaming u can do whatever ya want lol...i just dont really know how to do just kinda happens i guess lol

  4. Yeah I actually started one last night. Btw maven your thread has sparked an interest in astral projection. I've been reading up on it slot today. Have you ever broken free yet? Any tips would be appreciated. Pm me if you have the time. Thx

  5. Hmm, no not yet.
    But the sites that I have read through have the same stairway of symptoms that I climb whenever I attempt to Astral Project. I do not believe it is only deep meditation, as I have deeply meditated before, and I do not get the vibrations all over the body (supposedly the chakra points activating throughout your body), nor the sense that my body is trying to break free of its physical bounds.

    My father has achieved it.
    And one of my teachers has had one as well when he was a boy (it happens naturally, at times). He thinks it was a hallucination... Tell me, when have you ever hallucinated out of body, flew all over wherever..?

    I'll PM you and you can ask anything you want. I'll see if I can answer.

  6. Not to hijack the intent of the thread or anything, but could that be described as having kind of a electric orgasm steming from the back into the rest of the body?

    And I have experienced lucid dreams. They hurt my head, I don't do them.
  7. i absolutely love lucid dreaming. i've had around 4 lucid dreams, and they all felt like they lasted all night.

    when i am lucid dreaming i don't realize 'hey i'm in a dream', i realize 'hey i can decide what happens'. once i realize that i am asleep i usually wake up. but it is always nice to sit up in bed after a night full of activity, and be fully rested and ready to start the day. :D:cool:
  8. i love lucid dreaming. but the last one i had hurt my head when i woke up like H20420 said because i think i was focusing to hard on my dream. but that wont stop me from doing them because theyre a blast. the state of consciousness of lucid dreaming often reminds me of an acid or a shroom trip. because you can almost control your visions. the last lucid dream i had was crazy. it started off with me being able to fly. that was the first dream ive ever had where i could fly. that was an unbelievable feeling. then i would try to focus on what i was seeing really closely, like the grass, and it would get clearer and clearer and then all of a sudden it would just dissipate. it was weird, almost as if my brain couldnt produce an image that were that small. but i think in that dream i ended up eating shrooms or something and i was hallucinating patterns and people on walls, couches, everything. and it was so real, i actually felt like i was tripping. could have been the naturally produced DMT that made me feel that way but who knows
  9. I don't know I did, but for the past 5 years now I can get them almost every morning. I usually wake up about 30 minutes before I am supposed to for work naturally, and I like to sleep so I'll go back to bed. Often times within about 2 minutes of lying back down I'll end up over there for a few minutes or so. In the morning when the light is in my room and I am well rested it is very easy and not at all scary.

    But a few years ago (not so much anymore) I'd get what is known as sleep paralysis leading to hypnopompic events at night, and this is the absolute craziest shit I've ever been through. Usually it was very scary, especially the transition into it (death), but my god what the fuck is going on in there. This (sitting here) is the most half assed version of reality compared to that. I wish I could paint that stuff, I'd be super rich.
  10. yes, I have had this happen twice. The first time was shortly after my first two incidents of SP. The shocking went on, me being unable to control or stop it, every couple minutes from about 5 AM until I woke up for class at 10. But I was so out of it, I skipped and went back to bed where it continued on and off until around 4 PM when I finally got up... rough day there. Not sure what that is all about.

    The second time followed one of those SP events which had me flying over the desert, there was this obelisk in the distance that was moving. I flew past it kind of far on the right, did a u-turn and doubled back around it closer on the left hand side and then the most intense flash of bright clear light occurred. I woke up in my bed being shocked particularly intensly this time and my room was still that clear white. After a few seconds it faded right along with the shocking sensations and I saw a purple eye of horus on my wall in front of me which quickly faded. ? I went back to sleep and got shocked again for a couple hours. wtf??! I did not make it to work that day..
  11. Eh, no I don't really feel it like that.
    It doesn't really 'stem' from anything, but is supposedly the hundred of chakra/energy streams in your body are activating (or something) and i don't think there is a stem or w/e..
    I just feel them all over, at random intervals... they settle in after a while and stay at a consistent intensity
    but it definitely doesn't feel like an orgasm. I've never had an electric orgasm.

    Damn thats crazy.
    what is SP??
  12. I've lucid dreamt quite a bit recently on purpose

    When you attempt a WILD (wake induced) and you feel the transition, its pretty intense/electrifying. And you usually 'wake up' inside the dream world in the same room you fell asleep in. Its cool. One time I made CVS have a medical marijuana section and bought lots o' purps. and rolled a blunt the size of a baseball bat. lol. (then i lost lucidity don't really know what happened)

    Also if you realize that your dreaming whilst in a dream, rub your hands together, the feeling will distract you from the fact that you can feel yourself laying in bed. And you can continue the dream.
  13. I've realized I was dreaming lots of times, but if I recall right (really it feels like I'm going out on a limb here, ya know?), I either quickly realize I can feel myself laying in bed, like the above poster mentioned, or I lose it and go back to regular dreaming.

    First thing I do in every lucid dream is take my clothes off and try to fuck somebody. I swear to god hahahahaha.
  14. SP is sleep paralysis. Yes it certainly sounds crazy, but apparently it is quite common and an age old phenomenon. 60% of us get it at one point or another. 3 years ago I got it almost every night, now not so much at all, so I think it is a health thing. I was drinking a lot then, usually 2 or 3 days after I'd go on a binge it would happen for a while. Now I've banned alcohol so it is rare. :)

  15. haha i know what sleep paralysis is (recently discovered it) and i can do it myself.
    Its amazing feeling.
    Its like... When you try to keep your eyes closed when you aren't in a relaxed state of mind or in meditation, they tend to twitch... but after i reached sleep paralysis, it was like i couldn't even feel them anymore, like they were too insanely heavy to move... and my body was asleep with my mind awake.
  16. I had my first WILD a few months ago. It was one of the coolest/weirdest things Ive ever experienced. I woke up in the morning and still wanted to sleep so I closed my eyes again and a few minutes later I remember my body getting extremely heavy and not being able to move. I had done a little research on lucids before so I knew what was going on. I just couldnt move for a little and everything kinda felt weird then I heard a ringing sound starting very faint and slowly getting louder and I could see a really cool looking object spinning around and had what looked like fractals in the background. The object began spinning faster and the ringing got louder simultaneously until it all suddenly stopped and I woke up and quickly sat up. As soon as I sat up I fell back down and my lucid dream began. It was very weird and I havnt been through all that ever since then, eventhough Ive had a few more lucid dreams. When the SP first kicked in I got a little nervous but as I said I knew what it was so I just relaxed and let it take over my body.
  17. get alot of sleep i remember i tryed it once and for a week whenever i got alot of sleep i could recall and remember my dreams and a dream junoal helps you realize you in a dream once you start having them that reminds me im tired peace out:smoking:
  18. :smoking:When I went to highschool, I slept in a few of my classes. Since I was always very uncomfortable, the sleep wasn't deep. I would always begin imagining something, and I would get sucked into these vivid dreams while at school. Everytime I would be in one and realize im sleeping in class, I would depart the dream.:smoking:
  19. i used to have crazy ass dreams in class too. sometimes when the teacher was lecturing i would be half asleep and i would hear the teacher in my drea. sometimes the teacher turned into a random friend or person rambling in my dream and other times i actually dreamed that i was in class listening to the teacher talk. and different things happened in my dream than i real life so when i woke up i was trippin haha
  20. the only time i've ever been able to do something remotely similar to lucid dreaming, i was around 10, and my mom was waking me up for school. i don't remember what i was dreaming about exactly, but i told her, 'hold on, i want to finish this dream.' she let me go back to sleep and i did, in fact, finish the dream, but i controlled the rest of it. i wish i could remember more of what it was about...
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