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  1. Has anyone else noticed achieving lucid dreaming to be much easier when you go to sleep high?

    It always happens to me...every time I go to sleep high. I have, hands down, the best dreams of my life. For those of you who have never had the pleasure of having one, imagine a world exactly like real life...but you can do anything you want. I can't even describe how fun some of my dreams are now. A world of truly infinite possibilities, bound only by my conscious and unconscious imagination.

    Although I do have a question. It seems as though every time I try to bring someone into my dream, I wake up shortly after. It's like I have to fight to stay asleep and dreaming.

    Haha, last night my dream was...I was playing battlefield 2 in real life, HUD and all...and we were on fucking pirate ships made of houses.
  2. HELL... YES. Finally someone makes a thread about this haah goin to sleep high gives you the most vivid dreams ever.

    Now if only I can remember them haha

    But to answer your question, it's really not your fault. Usually even in experienced people, they get shocked because the subconscious mind is so excited that you wake up lol.
  3. Also, (extra post on the sneak :p) to describe the last lucid dream I had which was night before last.

    I went back to highschool, and it was fuckin' weird because I saw EVERYONE from every other highschool I knew. Even if they didnt go to that school, they were there lol it was like one unified school. Then, as the cliche goes, I went to class naked and it was science class where this fuckin' Spanish MILF was teaching. I remember I was in love with her lol and we ended up fucking. It's not that hard, because all you have to do is ok, IM FUCKING then your just *poof* right there. It's fuckin' amazin and it sucks that not a lot of people know about it.
  4. I've noticed an increase of weird fuckin' lucid dreams.

    Won't even bother trying to describe any of them.

    Wouldn't say I have them all the time though.
  5. I'm not dedicated enough to follow through with my dream journal and whatnot to try to achieve lucid dreams. It is something I am extremely intrested in though. Whenever I go to sleep high, it's just like any other time I go to sleep.
  6. yea exactly, i wake up most of the time shortly after cuz i get so excited. some people try meditation to fix that but i think that no matter what if i realize im dreaming n could do WHATEVER THE FUCK I WANT, im gonna be excited.
  7. Yeah that's the thing haha that sucks.

    Sativas = much better lucid dreams when you go to sleep but you get over excited!

    Indicas = ok lucid dreams but youre a lot more calm and can control it better

    That's what I've observed, it's fuckin crazy how the strain's particular qualities can translate into dreams lmfao!
  8. I'm not sure man, I've never kept a dream journal or anything, but I know people that do. I'll most likely have lucid dreams when I have a great day, then lay in bed before I go to sleep thinking, "shit, I can not wait to see what I dream up tonight." It's like sometimes I look forward to sleeping, because it's amazing how incredible dreams can be. It's like a second universe.
  9. I've never had a lucid dream, but i'd love to so much! Is there any specific technique to perform?

  10. Google is your friend.
  11. Some drugs/supplements actually help with lucid dreaming.

    I've found that Kava, 5-HTP and L-Theanine are some of the bests (for me).

    Try to write down your dreams every morning when you wake up. If you are dedicated enough and give it time, youll be much more in tune with your dreams and lucid dreaming happens much more.

    But ya lol, when I blaze and try to have LD's the craziest shit happens to me
  13. Yeah same here... I never really noticed anything different but people always talk about how crazy their dreams are when they go to sleep high.
  14. im registered there
  15. So I've started to recognize a new phenomena. When I lay in bed high, extremely tired, I'll find myself entering these totally bizarre states. It's like my body's asleep, but my mind is still so active.

    It's pretty weird: I'll start saying these random words in my head...not even english, or any language...just start throwing together syllables and vocalizations and string them together as if they were a coherent sentence in my head. It would make complete sense to my mind too, as if I were having an in depth conversation with myself. I'd then wake up and realize how close I was to falling asleep. My mind being hardly awake, just shooting random brain waves everywhere. My body completely asleep.

    It feels incredible.

    And yet, lol, I think I'm losing my mind.
  16. ive definitely had lots of lucid dreams while sleeping high, specialy in the morning after a wake and bake when i fall back asleep
  17. same here, and when i start to feel like im waking up in a lucid dream i do this thing i read about called dream-spinning, where you literally spin your dream self around and around. It really helps keep you lucid and it helps me summon people or placecs too. Don't know why, but it helps.
  18. hahaha i smoked last night, and when i went to sleep i was dreaming about a hugeeee storm and all of the sudden i was lifted by a tornado.
  19. ive been thinking about these concepts a lot lately too and am curious about any techniques u bladez use to enduce L.D.'s or O.B.E.'s.
  20. I don't think you could ever smoke enough to experience and out of body experience. As far as I'm concerned, that will only happen with stronger psychedelics.

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