Lucid Dreams?

Discussion in 'General' started by provin1327, Apr 24, 2008.

  1. i been lucid dreaming since i was younger... i hate when i have a reoccuring dream and ill try to change it by doing new things... but it always ends up the same some how... i think what it is is when i have reoccuring dreams most of the time its been a long time since i had it i dont remember what i did last time to change it.... and i end up doin the same thing as last time.... its happened the other night.

    so yeh i can pretty much control my dreams... some times ill tell myself to remember that im dreaming just incase its a crazy dream and i want think it was real once i wake up.... or in the middle of the dream ill just realise it... espiacially if its reoccuring like i said earlier.

    its easy to do tho... its been happening to me for so long its just a part of life now...
  2. anyone ever dream in third person? i wonder how u would have a lucid dream like that
  3. Yes I do lucid dream nearly every night, it's extremly nice. You can have sex or fly or do drugs or whatever and it feels fairly realistic.

    Couple of tips for lucid dreamer wannabes.

    #1 tip.... during the day always test reality to make sure your not dreaming, do it all the time... then you'll end up doing it in a dream and finding out that it's a dream.

    #2. when you realize it don't freak out or get to excited.. chances are you will wake up.

    #3. It's easy to lose the lucid aspect of the keep working on it!
  4. Ive never tried to lucid dream... but sometimes when Im in a dream and am in a terrible situation, I will just tell myself that it cant be real its only a dream and I will wake up. An example is I had a dream that my car was towed while I was at a huge city wide concert and was scaird my parents and the cops would kill me. I then relized that this would never happen and woke up, but it felt so real. Any tips on how close I am or what I should do to lucid dream?
  5. went one step further last night.

    i actually realized i was dreaming, i just couldn't control it.
  6. you're almost there :)

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