Lucid Dreams?

Discussion in 'General' started by provin1327, Apr 24, 2008.

  1. I'm not sure myself, but I'm too lazy for that sorta thing, but I have one time did before I go to bed, I try to remember last nights dream..last night, I didn't get much sleep so I can't really remember the dream, bc it either too boring/short..mostly boring dreams we don't remember..I think remembering last nights dream is rather effective, bc its like getting your brain 'ready' to remember the next one, I dunno its just my theory

    but like I said..It will take an ass load of time, Just don't get so worked up on not having them now, just keep remembering your dreams..and eventually down the road they will start popping up, be patient with it and be persistent with remembering your dreams..

    you don't have to remember all of your dream, but simply just recall small things that happend..or where you were..or who you talked to or met, and soon you'll be able to recall more of your dreams, and sometimes when your bored, try to fully play out the dream, really really hard..more likely you'll be able to piece together certain stuff..a big thing to me, I think is experiencing something while your awake, and associating that with a previous "that reminds me of my dream" it'll just come to you tho, you can't force it, like just thinking that it could remind yourself

    hmm I guess now, you could go and remember your past dreams, remember them as vividly as possible..even nightmares..its kinda like a crutch bc you all ready remember them..(kinda like remember the dream from last night before you sleep tonight)
  2. I have "mastered" Lucid Dreaming. Something interesting to know if you plan on trying Lucid dreaming is it can be different for everyone like weed. Before even hearing of it I would lucid dream at least once a week. But I cannot lucid dream when I am stressed. I simply just don't remember dreaming, or maybe have less. A lot of people say that they don't dream a lot but really the problem is them forgetting the dream even before they wake up.

    Sadly now though, I have been much more depressed and stressed due to things I am not willing to say, so now I rarely have lucid dreams unless I do not sleep at my own house. Unless I get high before I go to sleep, but when I do that the dream just feels weird, it is really hard to explain.

    EDIT: Yes I have a lot of sex in my Lucid Dreams and it does feel like you are. Let me explain, to me at least I can retain scent and feelings ETC in my dreams. Everything feels like real life, like a good chick is a good chick but in your dreams :), and feels exactly the same to me. I am rambling. I will shut up now.
  3. a couple months ago before the first time i tried shrooms i was very excited to finally try them so i would think about tripping before going to sleep..

    next thing I knew i fell into a the realest dream i've ever had and I was on the computer playing a gun game with the shroom body buzz and there were all these awesome colors and sounds in the game and as i kept playing a sense of euphoria was growing inside me and then all of a sudden i felt a burst of energy throughout my body from the sounds and colors and it was the most amazing thing i've yet to experience..

    i woke up not too long later and looked at the clock and realized i hadnt even fallen asleep 10 minutes was amazing haha
  4. Yea i'm also trying this, same method as you, dream journal and i'm trying to find something that reoccurs in my dreams, hopefully i'll have one soon
  5. Anyone know if it's just the fact that you've smoked weed recently that you can't have lucid dreams or is it just when you go to bed high?
  6. Just you, maybe more people as I said above I do.
  7. Im getting closer, for the past 2 nights I have remembered my dreams, well the night before last only part of it, last night I remembered the whole thing.

    Last night I was at work, register 4 like I actually was earlier that day, and 3 guys came through. 2 of them had polos on, the first had a red and white one, second one had a blue and green one, and the third guy had a black shirt on. They each bought 3 12 packs of diet mountain dew, and the total was $3.10. They gave me a $10 bill and this is the crappy/wierd part. I was about to tell them the change amount (this is where I think I would have gone lucid) but I awoke and said the amount I was going to say in my dream out loud. Like *awake* $6.90!!! oh wtf i'm awake? Man I think I was so close to going lucid.

    I hear you should try and ask yourself if your dreaming or not. When your falling asleep ask yourself and actually put thought into it and say yes or no, then eventually you will be able to ask yourself in your dream and you will say yes and realize your dreaming.
  8. yeah im good as hell with lucid dreaming now. its hard to do but what i do is look around for small details and i know its a dream when some things are just not right
  9. the easy way for me to tell if i'm dreaming is, if really weird shit happens, like if I jump I stay in the air longer..or a biggie i'll be on computer, and everything looks misarranged, like i'll strange errors..the computer basically wasn't a computer, it didn't follow my input

    a cool thing is that i've had two dreams about this one time somebody was selling a car on here,In a thread. I saw the photos, and I went out side and walked to its location, I was all checking it out, is like a small truck, and he popped up, the person who was selling it. we talked...then I got images of him destroying houses, killing people, and I flashed back to his house to chill/smoke, and I was all like trying to tell the other guys what Hes done, then I remember going back on grasscity and telling everybody in the post that this guy is a killer/crazy..everybody was all like 'nahh man your trippin' some odd reason I spent some more time with him he was actually cool, and I was trippin weird..sorry the dream rant its about the city :)
  10. RavenousDank- I think i've witnessed weird things happen in my dream, but it's like im being forced to watch tv with my eyes pulled back and I cant make a sound no matter how hard I try, I just cant say to myself "hey are you dreaming" Granted i've only been trying for the past few nights, hopefully I get it soon.

    I dream, but it's like im brain dead when I dream, I just dream, but im trying now to get the feel and grasp of questioning my state of mind in dreaming or not, oh well another night will tell.
  11. I know what you mean, its kinda like a just can't figure out something..but you don't know exactly what is bc you don't realize it..your dreams can really try to fuck with you, I don't why but they like me not having a lucid dream..cuz couple nights ago, I kept "rewaking up but still dreaming" well I woke up about 4 different times, and everytime I realized I was dreaming but then woke up like 'shit' then the scene changes, and i'm just dreaming..then I just woke up..I love/hate it when I wake up right after a lucid dream...only if i'm about to get uptho, If I don't (like its early) then ill try to get another quick one if possible
  12. funny how you say that because the same thing happens to me...i wake up and im like wow that was a dream then just drift back into another one not even realizing it...
  13. yea its like a fight, you just dream but don't realize it, but at the same time you do, your mind just watches like a body with nothing but sight
  14. man im getting so close its irritating. Last night I remember saying to myself in my dream "are you dreaming" but when I went to answer I just woke up, maby I was going to say yes then go lucid
  15. i always askmyself if im dreaming then get distracted by somethin weird in my dream and forget :-/
  16. I haven't remembered my dreams for the past 2 nights, bump

  17. yeah i totally feel ya. i need to actually take a t-break
  18. i've never really tried lucid dreaming, but at least 3 times every week i just realize i'm dreaming then wake up in surprise.

    in the future i'll try and get past that, because it sounds really interesting.

  19. you are SO CLOSE!

    when you realize you're dreaming, try to RESIST the urge to open your eyes. as soon as you do, you're pretty much toast. try to focus on what's going on, identify the things around you
    then slowly, accept that you are dreaming, and that you are in a place created by your mind

    once you accept that you are in a place completely of your own mind, you can gain control of your realm

    damn i miss it.
  20. I used to be real into Lucid dreaming in middle school and early high school. I remember the first time I was able to take control. I was nothingness in light. Then I created clouds, but couldnt' hold on. Since then, I was able to play around a bit with the idea. However, these days I have trouble even sleeping, and when I do, it's just madness. I think I'll give this a try again.

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