Lucid Dreams?

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  1. Anyone that knows what they are ever had one or have mastered it? For those of you that don't know a Lucid dream is a dream that you can control. You realize while your dreaming that your in a dream, waking yourself while still in the dream, but not waking yourself out of sleep. I was talking to one of my managers at work and he says he has tons of lucid dreams. He said once he had a lucid dream that he was in a war for 3 months, woke up at 6 pm and was exhausted. If you can find something in your dream that reoccurs, when you see that image its an easy way to start your lucid dream. Chris, my manager, said for him he couldn't read, when he saw what should have been text was just black scribbles, thats how he awakes himself.

    Here is a wikihow link

    I'm trying to tell myself before I sleep to remember my dream since I have trouble remembering my dreams. I have the pen and pad next to my bed to record my dreams and try and find something that reoccurs but I haven't been able to remember my dreams for the past 3 nights (all the time i've been trying to lucid dream)

    So anyone had one or going to try now?
  2. ill give it a shot. i always remember my dreams since they are always similar in someway :)
  3. I used to be into this stuff a whole lot, real fun shit could happen.
    The ability to lucid dream also provides you with the ability to obtain insight from yourself. A 'higher' you if you will. You could be having dating trouble and have a lucid dream with you having a conversation with Hitch or something. Possibilites are endless.

    I havent done it in a while just because ive been too busy/lazy but this psych class i took this semester has re-sparked my interest.

    Oh and if you think you are in a dream a way to tell is to took at a watch, note the time, then look at the watch again. If you are in a dream, the times will change! Dont bug out though you may wake up! If you feel yourself waking up start spinning as fast as you can. Seriously this works, dont ask me why.
  4. yeah i do it once a month or so. its amazing. i can even control my dream without waking up. its like i say to myself, hey this is a dream, then i go and do whatever.

    basically i will set my alarm for like 2 hours before i really need to wake up. then i will go piss and get a drink, and move around to wake up a bit, then i will go back to sleep and when i start to dream i try to remember to tell myself its a dream and i go off on my own tangent.

    but it doesnt work every time. but almost.
  5. I have them every once and a while, and they're a blast. Nothing really cool or enlightening ever happens, but I like the outrageous situations I seem to always dream about.
  6. I've kept a dream journal for the past 2-3 years and my dreams are pretty vivid on a nightly basis. I haven't been as dedicated as I used to be, but I recently acquired some supplements that boost your dream recall and help induce lucid dreams. What's really exciting is the followup to the "Novadreamer" sleepmask which sends light signals when you enter the REM stage of sleep. I'm gonna order the newest version of the sleepmask and unlock the potential of my dreams, I can't wait. :yay:

    Take it easy, fellow oneironauts. :wave:
  7. Are you talking about the dreamweaver or something along the lines of that? I saw something sold on ebay that was similar to the nova dreamer except much more comfortable. It looks intrested.
  8. Yup that's probably another model, the only name-brand one I ever found was Novadreamer and I only saw it on ebay cuz of course they've all been discontinued. I'm on some sort of mailing list and the last update I got a couple months ago said they were rolling the new products off sometime this year.
  9. every now and then i will look down at my hands and repeat over and over "I am dreaming...." in my head

    i remember when i was in 3rd grade i had a dream where my teacher was in my room and i touched her ass and she smiled and right there i knew i was dreaming....i got way too excited and woke up...kinda sucked. i was so bummed i couldnt go back to sleep
  10. do you oneironauts (dream explorers) all smoke daily?

    i smoke daily and since I have, I haven't been remembering my dreams, and hence, havent been able to become lucid anymore
  11. i always remember my dreams.i usually see very alive and strange dreams. always colorfull .i had several lucid dreams in years but the last was sooooo stupid...i dream of a lincoln from prison break... i was supposed to help him with sth. and i am not a fan .have no clue why i dreamt about him. most of the dream of course was me trying to running and trying to ecsape FBI but i knew it was a dream.

    my first lucid dream was two years ago and was really scary. i was at my bed and i was trying not to sleep but the moment i closed my ees i was in dark red place. like the inside of a empty biulding. could see no window or door. just a space . it was red lighted but i couldnt find any lamps and it was really scary cause i was filling like drowning. i was trying to wake up but i couldnt and everytime i would open my eyes i would see my room for a sec and then fall back asleep. i cant tll how much time this was happening but it seemed long. the thin is i knew i should wake up but i couldnt i couldnt run in the dream i couldnt do anything actually. when i finally woke up i saw the tv open while in my dream when i was waking up for a sec and then falling sleep again it was closed. now i dont know.maybe i was dreaming i was wakin up too... anyway.. i didnt sleep the rest of the night.. me and my dreams have a very stange relationship, plus they are way too strange..i have accoplished to explain some that really frightenme,you probably wouldnt believe me if i told you.
    btw i also keep a diary of my dreams.
  12. I've been having consistent lucid dreams for about a year until I started smoking weed a month ago. Up until the beginning of last month, I had always remembered my dreams. I don't remember them any more.

    It's the only great thing in life I had to give up to smoke weed, but it's nothing a little tolerance break can't fix.
  13. Ive been interested in this stuff for a while. Lucid dreams and OBE Out of body experience. Both are pretty ridiculously amazing concepts...for me it was just unreal to think that once mastered, people can have totally realistic life experiences, all in their head during sleep. Ive heard of people seeming to live 2 full weeks of another life in their dream, as realistic as our real world is now. Really gets you thinking....

    Ive also tried that "I will remember my dreams" concept at night. I was suprised how much more dreams I was remembering. Hasnt gotten me a lucid dream yet, but still I find myself recalling really cool dreams that I would have each night.

    Out of the lucid dreams that I would have, there were some pretty sick ones. I remember one.... I was at the top of a huge mountain. I realized there was no way I could be on a mountain that I hadnt traveled to or gone to. I was just there. This is what triggered the dreams lucid state - I knew I was dreaming. So I just jumped down that motherfucker, sliding down the side of the mounting. Shit was sick. Typically thats really how you obtain lucidity in a must realize that you are dreaming. Once you realize you're dreaming you become aware in your dream. Then you can control *EVERYTHING*
  14. usually after a good acid trip i fall asleep and have the craziest unexplainable dreams. i cant really control them b/c my thoughts are racing but its definately a fun experience
  15. when i was little i had 3 re-accuring dreams, all super vivid..(((same thing happened everynight, no control although i had total self conciousness)))..then when i moved too a different town the dreams stopped....up until about last october i didnt have any control or recollection of my dreams ((((although i did have this one amazing dream where i woke up on a friday morning and went through my whole day at school,,,everyclass, assignment,conversation,lunch,play practice...))) then i woke up thinking it was saturday morning.....FUCKED UP MY WHOLE WEEKEND....oh yeah, up until about a year ago i couldnt even tell i was dreaming, then when i moved back too iowa from oregon,,,i suddenly had control of my dreams,,,on everything but color (((i only see the primary colors(((redblueyellow))) and everything else is gray, with light contrasts in the grays...i love turning my dreams into sex dreams...i always wake myself up before i cum.....i hate sleeping nekkid and spluging everywhere......its so messy...i almost came on my fur 2 weeks ago..i would have died....
  16. I have to try and keep saying to myself while im trying to fall asleep "remember your dream, remember your dream, have a lucid dream" lol, I also tried to think about and imagine what I wanted to do in my lucid dream if I had one before I fell asleep, but no luck, I started to think about things that went on that day, how I could have changed them, and thats when I realize its like 12:30 and i've been sitting in bed for 2 hours just thinking. Last night the only memory I had of my dream was that I was at school and I saw this girl that I knew, I think she graduated early because I haven't seen her around school, but thats all I remember, she was walking in A building out to the double doors to get in her car, she turned around and waved, thats it.

    I've heard of that nova dreamer, from the discovery channels "Human Body Pushing the Limits". Would be awesome to have a lucid dream every night.
  17. i dont usually dream if ive smoked recently it sucks kinda

    edit: actually i have noticed that usually during school when it gets unbearablly boring which it usually does get but ill jsut put my head down close my eyes and jsut starting thinking about whatever and i can like go into this dream world i guess its pretty cool and still have controll but i can only do this during school for some reason i guess im never bored enough anywhere else
  18. I've got a few friends that say when they smoke they have very vivid crazy dreams, doesn't really happen to me.
  19. oh man I love lucid dreaming, only now i've been able to start having them almost everynight :D

    its like your own world. like me depending on my 'mood' I'll go flying around, my favorite is telekinesis, like i'll move stuff with my mind, like one time I chopped down a tree, sliced it up into fire wood and stacked it up..sounds boring but when your doing it, you feel empowered..

    this one time I was full of hate/anger that I flew up, all the way until I saw the continents and flooded the entire earth, wiping out everything

    oh and also fucking is awesome too, i'll just go around fucking all the ladies, walking by grabbing ass :)

    another thing is that, for some reason, like to try to impress people in my dream, by flying, telekinesis, superhuman abilities, and this one time, I was actually able to 'reverse time' like I 'casted' a bigg meteor and exploded a bunch of shit, including all the people in my class (I was teaching..and I allowed this one kid to survive the explosion, and then I reversed time to where everybody was in the classroom again, so he could have first hand experience on what I can do and that I have proof that I'm almighty..and he can tell the experience with the other kids in the class room

    just awesome shit..its a whole lot better than just going to sleep and waking up..It makes going to sleep a bit more exciting :)

    oh and the foundation on having lucid dreams more frequently is REMEMBERING your dreams, make a habit of it when you wake up, or during the day to recall what happened in your dream..and sometimes try and analyze it..go to
    its quite accurate/makes sense..

    and by doing all this it makes your brain prioritize your memory of your dreams, and for me after about 4 years into trying to have lucid dreams frequently, now almost everynight I'll encounter most of the time, i'll be dreaming, and I'll slowly start to realize that i'm i'll be doing something in my dream that you couldn't do in real life so yeah..I think its kinda better that way bc if you suddenly realize you are dreaming then you might get too excited and wake up
  20. I've been tryin to have lucid dreams for a while now... Also trying to remember my dreams but it's very hard for me to remember.... I've had several concussions and ever since I remember one dream a month maybe... And if I go to sleep high, lol no way I'm remembering my dream...

    Last dream I remember I was laying down with this fine naked chick next to me and then suddenly I realize I'm laying right in the middle of a really fat girls ass and I start to get sucked into her ass... That was disturbing....

    So you're tellin me all I have to do is keep a dream journal and eventually it will come??

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