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  1. How many of you guys can induce lucid dreaming, either by sleeping a certain way or having your mind prepared in a certain way, ive pretty much got the knack of it now and its pretty great :D, its like an alternate reality where i can do things i wouldnt normally do, but i can instantly wake myself up if i get freaked out at all. I only recently began lucid dreaming i got the knack of it somehow about a month ago, all i do is keep reminding myself, while awak and dreaming is, "Hang on is this a dream?" and it works wonders, i just seem to be able to tell when im dreaming after that sentance i can take control from there. So are there any lucid dreamers in the box? Anyone fancy sharing any experiences with them if you have, (Non sexual ones please, your not using your lucid dreaming abilitys to your full potential if your going around having sex with everything you want).

    Peace out bro's :)

  2. And why is this?
  3. Personally i believe if you have control over a whole universe, you can occupy your time better that fucking everything you want, just my opinion.

  4. Hmmm, enlighten me.

    How could one occupy his/her time during a dream better than banging the hottest person on the face of the earth?
  5. Im way into lucid dreaming. In fact, I had an epic one this morning.

    I dont remember that many details because I blazed yesterday unfortunately. But I remember flying a lot and walking in fields. It was amazing. It's a shame I cant remember more of it. :(

    But I think people have the right to do whatever they want to in their lucid dreams, even if that includes having sex.
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    To each is his own I guess, I personally don't feel the need to dream about such things I'd rather explore what my mind creates for me.

    EDIT: I have no problem with people using lucid dreams for dreams involving sex, I just don't want to hear about it :D
  7. Ah i wish I could induce it, I've tried the whole reminding yourself whenever you're awake to do reality checks, but in the end I end up forgetting about it within a couple days. Same thing happened with the dream journal.
  8. one time I made myself have sex with every 9/10 chick on the earth.

    j/k havn't been able to do it.
  9. ive never actually tried lucid dreaming, ive heard of it, wanted it, but i have no clue how to do it
  10. Check out Waking Life. Dabbles into Lucid Dreaming quite a bit. Not to mention the trippy vibes it gives off.
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    Lucid dream - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    I find the easiest/most effective method for me is to consume a small-moderate amount of diphenhydramine, say 50-100mg (I have a huge tolerance to it for some reason, to the point where 125mg-175mg still won't even make me sleepy or induce even moderate deliriant effects), combine with a normal before-bed dosage of melatonin, then use the wake-back-to-bed method. I take the diph + melatonin right before bed and set my alarm for 4-6 hours from when I fall asleep. At that point I wake up, grab something small to eat (banana/orange/apple usually), then lay back down in bed and focus my thoughts on slowly drifting into the dreamscape...

    This method works for me at least 50-60% of the time. My experiences have included:

    soaring over a grand ocean with a huge thousand-mile bridge running through the middle of it, dipping and diving over/under the bridge;

    roaming the halls of my high school with fellow students as zombies and stabbing two female zombie-classmates in the eye with a bic pen;

    being trapped inside a large, dark structure filled with predatory animals (sharks, alligators, etc) that I can only describe as a mixture between an underwater aquarium and a prison;

    flying to the top floor of a space-needle-esque hotel sitting in the middle of the ocean, looking down from a balcony and seeing two or three massive (like 30+ feet & few thousand lbs) sharks swimming in circles around the base of this hotel-like structure, as soon as I looked over the edge of the balcony though the entire structure began collapsing and I awoke violently just as I was about to hit the water...

    Lucid dreaming and dreaming in general is an awesome way of exploring what seems like the limitless potential our brain has for synthesizing an endless variety of its own realities. I see the human brain as the epitome of our evolution and so massively powerful in its abilities that I would honestly compare it to a reality-synthesizing program a la The Matrix. So much untapped potential, so many mysteries of how and why it works... stuff so amazing I honestly wouldn't be surprised if the human brain was actually the complex development of a cosmic alien intelligence.
  12. Damn I suck at becoming lucid. Ive been experimenting with weed and vicodin lately to see if that could make me better at it. The only thing that seems to give me really vivid dreams is that drug they use for light anesthesia
  13. Ive been lucid dreaming for years now(considerably less since ive started smoking marijuana, however REM rebound from mj is nice.)

    My personal experience is that if i just go and look for girls to fuck. Ill eventually lose lucidity or wake up.

    Here's the only journal logs ive kept

    May 25th- I first appeared inside my room. I walked upstairs to find out my dad was gone but Krystal was still in her room. I then walked outside through the back door to see a red sky with the sun shining through the trees. This was when I got a big smile on my face because this was my first lucid dream I had this month. I noticed the grass was perfect and puffy. I opened the gate to the front yard and continued up the street. Something that gave me a giggle was when I looked at a car then turned away and looked back there would always be something different about the car. I woke up shortly after that.

    May 27th- I took a 2 hour nap and had a series of screwed up lucid dreams. The first one I appeared in my living room and I couldn't move. My vision was blurred and everything seemed to be in slow motion. After that one ended, I false awoke twice. Then finally I had another one where not only could I not move, my hands felt huge and numb.

    May 30th- I cant remember how I became lucid, I just know that I did. I know that when I did I was down the street from my house. There was a problem in this lucid dream but it was nothing like the problem I had in my last one. I was completely free to move and was completely conscious but I had no power. I tried flying but I couldn't get more than 3 feet off the ground. I tried to move objects with my mind which also didn't work. I remember I kept telling myself to calm down. I continued walking around my streets and I entered a random house. I remember saying “wow this is a nice house”. The main reason I said that was because there was a huge pool table in the middle of the living room, which was probably caused by me seeing Colin's pool table last night. It was shortly after this that I stopped being lucid. I have no idea why besides I guess I just lost focus and it turned back into a regular dream. Lucid time lasted around 5-10 minutes.
  14. i had that whole,"hey,w8 a mintue.. i'm dreaming.. <-< ..>-> .. <-< .. time to fly >:D "thing about 2 -3 times? the frist time i was a walking out of class and on my way out of school and my friend came up to me and said "you know your dreaming right?" then i stop started thinking about what he said and i was staring at my shadow and thought about flying and energy waves formed around my shadow and i just jump and started flying.that song from Aladdin started playing ..the one when there flying on the carpet..(lame i know) but flying was fucking bad ass.When i woke up i felt like i could still fly like it was nothing,so i ran outside and started to attempt flying.i failed of course :laughing:
  15. i lucid dream every other night. The other day i led a resistance of people to defeat terrorist invadors in america.

    This is my tecnique - I have a ticking clock in my room. When i'm going to bed i just think "Once i stop hearing the clock ticking, ill be dreaming". It works every time i try.

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