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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by ugeman420, Aug 28, 2003.

  1. Does anybody here have any experience with lucid dreaming? It's when you can control your dreams and you know you're dreaming so you can manipulate your dreams to fullfill your fantasies. It's hard because you have to know you're in a dream first, and most dreamers don't know they are dreaming until after they wake up and remember their dreams. If you have the ability to lucid dream, can you explain how this works? Every single time I dream I never know I'm dreaming in the dream, and shit always goes wrong because I can't control or change anything, even tho its my dream.
  2. well, i watched this kick arse film called Waking Life (it's like taking acid, without taking acid) a few days ago, and it's all about lucid dreaming, and they talked about how you should try asking yourself if you're dreaming, and then once you know that you're dreaming you can control it to a certain degree.

    well, i last night i was drifting in and out of a dream... it was freakin wierd, because everytime i've ever been woken from a dream i can never get back to it again.

    but last night, i would wake up for a few seconds and think to myself "damn that was cool" and then carry on dreaming again :D

    i'm not sure if i was controlling it, cos i can't rememer many details. just floating around my town and then a police car.
    but for the first time i was aware that i was dreaming, and it was cool.

    sorry, i'm not a very experience "dreamer" but i'm having a go every night. maybe it takes practice?

    either way, you should check out that film. just smoke a couple of phatties and put it on. lol. WOW
  3. Yes I do have those dreams I'll tell you what happend....I feel asleep and then woke up in this HUGE hotel or mansion. There were mirrors all over the walls and it was really creepy..Anyway what you do is when you know you're dreaming is you think of what would like to happen.....Like it was like the matrix....I thought of a cliff....and its like I fell right onto this cliff and could control whatever I wanted to...I have them alot. Like I sometimes can tell the future of what happens in my dreams...Like I thought something was going to pop out in my dreams and scared me...2 seconds later an old lady walks into the dream with a fucked up face chasing me with a knife lol...Then I thought "kill her" and I beat the living shit outta her, its kinda fun. Its exactly like virtual reality and you ALWAYS remember your dreams because you control them. And whenever I couldnt take anymore I just laid on the ground and closed my eyes and thought "sleep", I would then wake up in the real world lol its totally awesome.
  4. Wakin Life is crazy, i saw that shit blazed as hell and it looks awesome. It looks like a live action movie filmed but with animation over it. You have to see it to know what I'm talking about probably, but yeah i had no clue what was going on when i watched it because i saw it from like the middle and only saw a few minutes of it. I want to watch the whole thing though.
  5. shit i gotta check this movie out... i'll let u know what i think when i get back
  6. Im sure ive had one of those dreams before, but so long ago i cant remember it. I find that if i have some weed before bed, i often dream about some really strange things, and very deep dreams. I mean very vivid, and seem so real. What i hate, is when your in a deep interesting dream, and the postman or something wakes you up! And then you cant get back to sleep. I have on the odd occasion, woken up out of a dream, and got back to sleep in the dream where i left off...weird.
  7. Waking Life is the greatest movie ever made. Especially while stoned!

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