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  1. Has Anyone here mastered lucid dreaming i have some questions about increasing my chanches of having one. Much appreciated
  2. The search button is your friend...oh and google
  3. Yeah i read all the online guides and stuff but i had specific questions
  4. About 2/3 of my dreams are lucid dreams.

    I don't really feel like there's anything to "master" about it. My dreams are just this way. I guess I may have learned to do it as a kid, and I'm just used to it, or I could just be lucky. Also the 2/3 number may be higher than the total fraction of my dreams that are lucid, because I think I am more likely to remember lucid dreams than normal ones.

    In almost all of my dreams I can control what "I" am doing (though I am not always me), as opposed to a dream where I have no control, that plays like a first person movie. My lucid dreams don't begin that way. I start out in a dream where I have agency, so if you only have movie-type dreams, idk how to help.

    Anyway, as I'm making my way through the dream I discover that I'm dreaming. It's not just a thought, the realization must be almost enough to wake up--in this moment I sometimes become aware of my body and where it is--but without actually waking.

    Then I slide back into the dream, but changing whatever I wanted about it: the setting, the goal/story/objective, who or what I am, who or what I want in the dream. Sometimes I can make other characters in the dream change their mind, or even their whole personalities. I can even bring a whole new character into the dream sometimes. Or change the entire character of the dream.

    Here when I say "sometimes I can" do certain things, I'm not sure if its because in some dreams I couldn't have done that thing if I'd tried, or if it just hadn't occurred to me to do it at that moment.
    Maybe it's both, since I guess I'm not free to do things that it does not occur to me to do...
    This thread got me thinking trippy things. And made me realize I'm rather sleepy.
    I hope I remember my dreams tonight!
    (most nights night I think that before going to bed, I do remember my dreams.)

  5. What are these questions?
    I'll try to answer as best as I can, though, like I said, I don't think it's a skill, really. I have no recollection of learning how to do this.

    Though I might answer tomorrow, cause you just reminded me how much fun my brain is and made me want to go to sleep to see what it'll do.
  6. Oh ok. Well like do you do reality checks throughout the day? and if you do, is it on a specific schedule? Also does watching tv right before you fall asleep mess things up (preoccupy the mind).
  7. maybe you're an alien
  8. I've had lucid dreams my whole life, and I think you're looking way too far into it. If you over think it, you'll either never get them, or get way too excited when you do get one and wake up.

    I've found that most of my lucid dreams come when I have a short nap (45 minutes to an hour,) then have to get up for a few minutes before going back to sleep. Stop trying so hard and it will happen eventually.
  9. I have lucid dreams from time to time but I am no master. Usually what happens isvi realize I am dreaming but fail to control anything and just end up forgetting that I'm dreaming
  10. Thanks for the advice mann
  11. My little bro told me when u lucid dream. demons/spirits can get into your body and be in control. SOmething like possesion.
  12. Take Galantamine, Choline, and the Dream Herb.

    Ive been trying the first 2, with no luck lucid dreaming just yet, but it has definitely made me have VIVID and LONG feeling dreams. I tried it last night and i had a dream that felt like it lasted hours.

    Good Stuff, cant wait for my first actual LD!
  13. A bit off topic, but the most vivid dreams I have had are when I was quitting smoking and wearing nicotine patches. I have thought about trying putting a patch on in the evening to increase vividness (?) of dreaming with lucid dreaming the goal. I haven't yet, though, because I'd sure hate to have nicotine back in my system. It took me too many years to finally quit smoking for good. So far.
  14. about 1/3rd of my dreams are lucid....1/2 my dreams are semi lucid and i remember probably MAYBE 1/4th of my dreams maybe 1/6th

    however whenever i was "training" to become lucid, i would have dreams where they was much more "lucid" (ie, dreams i was in MOST of control) as i have kinda gotten bored with lucid dreaming...i still have them...but i sorta ran out of ideas to do in dreams......tho i STILL LOVE FLYING

    tho i always tend to stay away from super black clouds, tornados....because i mean that shit seems scary....i always never fly ABOVE the clouds....that shit is scary........i have my times where i'd randomly fall into earth and enter its atmosphere

    but yeah mainly what i did to attain lucid dreaming was, to perodically look at my hands and ask my self, seriously if i was dreaming or combination of doing a little test gravity....look around yourself to see if anything is weird or not logical...then proceed about your regular this REGULARY for a month or two (if you forget a day or two thats okay)

    it also helps whenever you are about to fall asleep to do that test, and i always add in a little extra "okay if i'm ANYWHERE except this bed...i am dreaming"

    from one of my sources where i learned about this, they recomended keeping a dream journal....well i said fuck that, thats too much work, and worse i don't want to get caught with it:p (or have someone READ my dream journal :eek:)
  15. Thats very helpfull. Yeah im doing the whole dream journal thing, but its more like just little notes of what happend in my dream. And i have it hidden haha
  16. Everytime I take an Epsom sleeping pill I can control my dreams.. But I hate taking them cuz I'll end up sleeping for 15 hours and wake up tired af
  17. I've only had like two lucid dreams in my whole life. My dreams are so convincing I'm often at a loss to gather my bearings when I wake up.

    On a side note, if anyone here wants to remember their dreams in vivid detail, even ones from days and weeks before, supplement with vinpocetine. Crap is amazing. I am not kidding. Just try it.
  18. Have you seen that documented or is it something you have noted?

  19. What do you mean? Reality checks throughout the day? It's not like I spend my life wondering if I'm still in the matrix.

    Nah, when I realize I'm dreaming, it's usually pretty easy to tell.
    It's more like I'll be going along in my dream, and then I realize the last, like 5 things that happened are ridiculous and/or impossible. (Hey, what am I trying to do here, rob a bank? And volpix don't actually exist, why is there one here? And I don't speak Finnish, what the fuck?) Then, I notice the general feeling of being in a dream, and its undeniable.
    I can't recall ever honestly thinking "Am I dreaming right now?" while I was awake for any reason other than I was so sleep deprived that I was already asleep enough to be dreaming, while still being awake enough to walk and percieve and react to my actual surroundings. (but that's another story)

    Then, I kinda just take over. I can't explain how exactly I do it, I just decide what's gonna happen now. I'm already pulling the strings on my little dream-avatar, so I kinda just grab the rest. I just do it. I can't always do it, but I usually can.

    I don't usually watch TV right before going to bed, but I don't think it would matter. I don't have TV. But I don't do anything special before bed. I usually go to bed after reading books, playing videogames, having sex, or reading and posting on a website like this.

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