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Lucid dreaming?

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by bakedasacookie, Oct 22, 2012.

  1. Can anyone explain this to me??? I have been having this problem for a while.
  2. what problem?

    Lucid dreaming is when you become aware you are dreaming. Most people wake up at that point, some have complete control over the dream after the realize it...

    but its not really a problem imo hahaha
  3. Problem?

    Are you lucid dreaming or having nightmares?
  4. How is lucid dreaming a problem? Please reply OP
  5. Lol. Wish i had this problem, id love to lucid dream often. OP, you sure you meant lucid dream and not something else?
  6. Any time I take a break from weed, the first couple nights, I get crazy vivid dreams...

  7. Lucid Dreaming is knowing that you are dreaming and you have complete consciousness over your dreams. It's not a problem and you should learn any way possible to understand and control it.
  8. Used to but only when I was on pain meds.
  9. Idk its to the point where I'll be dreaming and sleepwalk or have conversations with people and not remember it. Could be lucid right?
  10. Why is lucid dreaming in the sex section? Da fuq
  11. about 60% of the dreams I remember in the morning are lucid dreams. Maybe a little more.

    Idk, you realize your dreaming, but you have to realize it Gently and quietly, almost. then I can control it. It's tons of fun and I love it. I dont understand how it could be a problem.

    Maybe the OP is trying to Lucid dream and keeeps waking up?
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  13. I have only ever had one lucid dream and it was really intense.

    I was in the passenger seat of a car with my brother, he was driving. I thought to myself how weird the situation was, when I thought "this must be a dream" things got real.

    The moment I thought the word dream, my brother whipped his head toward me and stared like a projection in inception. We tailspinned into a crash and then suddenly I was lying on the ground, face down, in the middle of the road.
  14. It's the point of when your in your dream and you realize that your dreaming its an amazing experience once you get the hang of it. It's no easy it takes alot of patience and practice but it's worth it. My latest lucid dream I finally flew and I must admit it was amazing!
  15. dude no it's not fun , my dreams feel like a 6 month period and i try to yell at myself to wake up, so i can turn over so my blood will flow differently
  16. Been trying to reach lucidity for months now. I'm keeping a dream journal and doing reality checks all the time but no luck man. Lately I haven't even been remembering my dreams the next morning. Even tried WBTB :-(
  17. OP has lucid dreams about having sex with his best friend's mother
  18. Dude honestly that happened to me last night haha. Except it was a vivid dream. It was weird, I could feel her lips and everything. She's an awesome lady and all but I'm not sexually attracted to her so I was confused as hell when I woke up. And now this thread belongs in this section.
  19. First time for me seeing this thread and i thought i was the only one haha...but sometimes i have these exspeirences and the second i realize im dreaming i either wake up instantly or start trying to control it... but i usually end up getting fucked over in my dream and wake up freaking the fuck out like screaming in real life to wake myself up and it creeps me out....

    for example the last time i remembered it happened i was in my dream that was kinda based on the walking dead tv show and i was being chased by a walker i guess and the second i thought to myself i was like "o shit this is a dream zombies arent real or id be fucking shit up with my friends" haha

    the second i started to try and control myself in my dream i got heavy in a before when i didnt realize it was a dream and was being chased i was out running the zombie like it was nothing then when i started to take over i instantly was like 500lb heavier and couldnt do anything about it and everything kinda got darkish.....thats when i start freaking out in my dream because i dont know whats happening then the zombie catches up to me and attacks me is when i start yelling and shit and i end up doing it in real life (yelling and screaming)....ive waken my mom up before because of it and shes like down the hall and we all sleep with are doors closed so its loud...

    if that doesnt make sense my bad just :smoking:

    I never tried like easing myself into the fact that im dream...i feel i get to excited maybe and blow it for myself haha im gunna try that but lets say i can get control of my dream how do you end it? what if you were to get stuck dreaming in a sense like a self induced coma that you can control?? haha then what.....
  20. lucid dreams are definitely not problems. if anything, it's a gift. you can find out a lot about yourself and your subconscious through dreams

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