Lucid dreaming.

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  1. I have had many lucid dreams. Tonight was different. When I became lucid, it was because of a large scoreboard. I thought I was dreaming when I was driving because of a previous dream layer. I began flying up and up and thinking I love that this is my subconscious world :) I thought u had woken up, but jumped into a previous dream layer. My fiancé told me after I was explaining my dream to her, that I shouldn't play too much in my dreams. She said something along the lines of my subconscious will play tricks on me. I brushed it off because I thought I was late for work. I was late in the first part or dream layer. This is when my alarm went off and I woke up. I was wondering if any of you have experienced anything like this. I thought I was lucid but my dream jumped and I continued with te idea I was lucid an was awake. Can your subconscious play tricks on you to keep you dreaming and not being lucid?
  2. Do you mean like a false awakening? A dream withing a dream? Someone accessed your mind, through your dreams ... it's called Inception.
  3. Yes but without the cliche of the movie.. Thought I woke up and was in another dream. Quite interesting
  4. I've attempted to Lucid dream a few times, but always fell asleep in the process. All of that "fighting your sleepiness until your body is asleep but you are not'' makes no sense to me. My theory is, keeping in touch with reality while slowly falling asleep. Someone massaging your hand while you sleep, or you touching someone or something.

    For example: The other day I was laying in bed next to my dog, she likes to move around alot while she lays down, she never sits still. I was laying there with my arm on her, and I was just real calm, and falling asleep. Out of nowhere all of these images and little "fantasies" were running through my mind and stuff. I got woken up by my brother, look over and notice only like 35 minutes had passed. The entire time those images and visions from my "dream" were happening, I could feel my dog next to me, moving around like i was wide awake.
  5. I just look for triggers or know when I'm dreaming. I usually can't do anything til I see a trigger.. Ie: digital watch, scoreboard, phone, mirrors, light switches not working. Lights always on, etc.. Or if a dream gets too "out there" I usually go lucid or wake up. Last time I went lucid and jumped up and kept rising an rising and the next thing I know I thought I was awake but was in a completely different dream

    - when I saw the world below me I kept thinking/hearing this is all from my subconscious and it's amazing.
  6. When the mind is conscious in a dream it will often try its hardest to return to unconsciousness, so yes it can play tricks on you in order to make you less conscious because that is the way that it has already accustomed itself to.

    The reason you don't dream fully lucid dreams is because of this. When you gain a trigger a small amount of your consciousness is awakened, and the battle begins. Many people, after receiving the smallest glimpse of consciousness will fly themselves into the air. Once they get into the activity of flying in the air they become unconscious in that activity and thus lose the battle. Therefore flying is one of the worst things you can do if you want to remain lucid.

    Once you receive the trigger I'd recommend standing as still as you can and being intensely aware of your body. Fight the urge to do whatever and fight the impulse to become unconscious. Hold onto your body with your attention and don't let go, there will be many obstacles thrown at you to break your attention and the world around you will probably spin and change itself over and over again. It's ok because all you need is the consciousness of your body and your self.

    It's a very difficult battle that requires an incredible amount of attention. Your mind will run very, very quickly and time will seem to go very, very slowly. It is quite similar to taking psychoactives. You will soon feel as if you've been there forever, for lifetimes, and that your physical body has probably died by now. When this strong feeling pops up remember to tell yourself that it's an illusion and that you haven't been away for more than a few minutes.

    The biggest tip I can give you is to practice intense mindfullness and awareness when you are awake. This will help you a lot in achieving more fully lucid dreams.

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