Lucid Dreaming

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  1. I'm curious - Has anyone here ever looked into lucid dreaming? Had any luck? It's something that's always amazed me, the possibility of controlling your dreams. Is lucid dreaming proven, or is it a theory? I've always imagined, if there was some way to unlock the potential of lucid dreaming, master it even... You could create your own reality, and live out anything you would want to. It's a nice thought! Who has had experiences with lucid dreaming? General lucid dreaming talk time, work is slow! :D
  2. i've looked into it before, i bought a book about it but it was too much like a work book that i gave up with it. it gave you tasks and shit, fuck that. i just wanted to read about lucid dreaming!

    but yea i can remember one lucid dream i had. it was an incredible feeling, i just remember all of a sudden being aware i was dreaming but i woke up soon after. :(

    from what i've read and experienced, a good method is to do reality checks. when you're asleep, it is similar to when you are awake. you don't really question reality, it just is what it is. your brain is similar when dreaming, it is just in a state of experiencing different things without self reflection. being aware during your dream that you are dreaming is the key to lucid dreaming.
    you can start off by regularly asking yourself while awake "am i dreaming?". eventually it will become like a habit and during your dreams you may ask yourself the same thing and you give yourself a good chance of becoming lucid.

    it's well worth putting some effort into!
  3. I've been very interested in lucid dreaming as well. I haven't had a chance to do much research though... If anyone has found a good book about it i would be very interested in your thoughts.
  4. Yes, it's discussed here a lot. A simple forum search would likely yield numerous results :)

    I've had dreams where I'm doing things on my own, and choosing what I do, but it wasn't the kind where I'm completely aware I was dreaming, more like I was immersed in my experience and making decisions without being fully aware. I have realized I was dreaming a few times, but it's usually right at the end of my dream, either that or it causes me to wake up.

    Having a dream journal helps a lot in getting better at it.

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