Lucid Dreaming: Unleash the Impossible

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    Lucid dreaming is probably the best ability that all of us have. We can explore the temptatious impossibilities of creation we will never have in our reality. We are essentially gods bound by nothing but our creativity and curious indulgences. Because of this, I challenge anyone who can not control lucid dreaming to try. You will not be sorry.

  2. I haven't had a lucid dream in over a decade but flying close to the horizon at supersonic speeds was the shit.
  3. What exactly is lucid dreaming? Can you like consciously control when you want to do it?

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    I can control my dreams and actions within them. 
    Lucid dreaming is one of the best and deepest experiences anyone can have. 
    To recognize if you are inside a dream you have to check a watch and see the time. If all you see are random nonsensical lines instead of numbers, then its a dream. 
    To make a dream last longer, spin around quickly with your arms spread out inside the dream and this will prolong it. 
    One of the best lucid dreams I had was when I woke up in the middle of a large highway and I started to build a city around it. Building by building. It was so fucking detailed and surreal and the best part was that I could control everything, even the climate and the way the sun shined. 
    There is a lot of information in the internet about lucid dreaming. Anyone interested in it should seek it out.
  5. If you're having trouble lucid dreaming, chances are your pineal gland is calcified by fluoride, preservatives and other bullshit. Open your eye, and see the other side

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    For myself, and I think in general, this will not work. If I look at a clock/watch in a dream, it will show a time. The trick is to look, then look away for a few seconds before looking again. If you're dreaming, it will change nonsensically. And actually, even with this your brain will eventually adjust, or at least mine did. It got where my brain would hold onto the same time even if I kept looking away and looking back. But this is a very good technique. The key is to do it regularly in your waking life, and then that habit will carry over into your dreams.
  7. And here's another bit of information, should anyone else develop this difficulty. When looking away, say a bunch of random numbers out loud. Then look back. This repeating of numbers helps through your mind off, allowing the time to change nonsensically, which is what tells you you are dreaming. I started having to do that. Like I said, I would regularly do the clock thing while awake. And so the habit continues. And if I really thought I was dreaming, but the time held up. So I would just keep looking away and repeating numbers, until it would finally do something that didn't make sense. You want to really confirm you're dreaming, before you start doing anything crazy. lol. I stopped doing the clock thing as much, when I started to more frequently just start to suspect I was dreaming, based on the feel of it, or the situation not making sense. And in order to confirm, I either fly or jump through a wall. This is also an instant confirmation.
  8. I've been doing it ever since I was a kid. Some people have to work at being able to do it.
  9. i've done it subconsciously has a kid, and it helped end a series of nightmares i used to have.  now that i want to purposely do it i can't Lol.  
    I'll get it one day.
  10. I honestly have never had even one lucid dream where I was completely in control of everything - the situation, my actions, how I responded to the situation...

    But I do have repeat dreams about 90% of the time. In every one of them, I am either with family watching in a sort of omnipotent way where I can see how everyone looks and feel what they're feeling but I cannot respond with my voice. In the other half of that 90% repeat dreams thing, I am always being chased but it's a game...I hate to sound like an immature idiot, but these "governemnt chasing me" dreams are very similar to the Hunger Games movies and Divergent. I am always in a 100% pure black leather suit, running from a mob of about 100 people and the one person who catches me or kills me wins.

    Weird thing is, I end up getting caught every time and am about to be shot (execution style). I hear the gun go off and then I wake up. Most people only dream about places they've been or people they've met but the people chasing me are all strangers with unfamiliar faces - just random people.

    I've read and studied dream sequences because I was majoring in Psych for awhile and I've learned that the human brain cannot create "something out of thin air". You have to have had seen these people at some point in your life to see them again in your dreams or subconscious. It's just really weird and I always wake up in a cold sweat.

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