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Discussion in 'General' started by Yung Bizzy, Aug 16, 2008.

  1. I think I had one of those lucid dreams last night.
    All I can remember being in my driveway and then knowing I was in a dream, I decided to jump in the air and started to fly. It was amazing hahaha. I went to this super hot ass chicks house and went inside her house by going through the wall. Im laughing as Im writing this. I ended up being in her room :rolleyes:. woke up and smoked a few bowls and thought about what happened.
  2. flying, walking though walls, good stuff, telekinesis is my fav... (cutting down forest, making stockpiles) one time I zoomed all the way in the sky where I saw the continents, and raised the oceans over the land, killing everything, awesome

    its been awhile I had a lucid dream, :mad:
    melatonins help with dreams
  3. Wish I could control my dreams, you lucky
  4. dude next time you should breathe underwater. its so amazing feeling. its the same air you are breathing in your sleep but it feels so cool and thick. like smoking super dank buds in a frosted bong.

    then yeah fly and fuck the shit out of chicks. but take it easy cuz you are supposed to be asleep and if you get too excited you will wake up.
  5. Lucid dreaming is awesome, you can even use special lights to trigger them. - check this out, instructions on how to build one.

    I believe all you need to trigger lucid dreams is flash lights at a specific frequency, I believe between 8 and 10 flashes per second.

    I've been to lazy to build one of these so far, but I hope to in the future.
  6. You can train yourself to have lucid dreams. I don't rember how long it takes to get to REM or whatever the dreamstate is called, but the longer you sleep the cycle takes longer. What you do is set an alarm to wake you up shortly after you go through your first cycle, then write your dream down. Do this for a couple weeks untilyou can remember your dreams the next day without having to read what you wrote the night before. That is what I did and I can usually manage to have lucid dreams at least 4 times a week or so. One of my favorite things to do is go swimming in the ground. Like I dive into solid ground and swim through the dirt like water. Pretty intense. Just remember, if you are lucky enough to have a lucid dream just don't get too excited or you'll wake up. If I fuck it up it's usually when I realize I'm dreaming, get excited, and wake up.
  7. While lucid dreaming, to maintain the dream, spin in circles. Ive done it the few times Ive actually had a lucid dream.

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