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  1. can someone explain the lucas formula to me so i can have a full understanding. i read it over and over but i dont quite understand it. help would be greatly appreciated!!
  2. i have a 30 gallon res for my hydroponics system

    lucas formula is 5ml of micro and 10 ml of bloom per gallon for veg
    and 8ml of micro and 16 ml of bloom per gallon for flower

    if i added it up right i should have 150ml of micro and 300ml of bloom for veg

    and 240ml of micro and 480ml of bloom for flower.

    is that correct?
  3. That's correct. I've started a seedling in my first ever hydro system, it's just a 6L hempy bucket, but I wanted to try soilless without expense. Gonna use the lucas formula with the FloraNova Bloom stuff. Apparently it's like the micro and bloom nutes in one bottle, and can be used for veg and flower at different concentrations, I'm excited to get started!
  4. i heard using the all in one stuff isnt that great.

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