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  1. So, I'm sure everyone knows about the Lucas formula.

    G-M-B (Grow-Micro-Bloom)
    0-5-10 - For Vegetative cycle (24/0)
    0-8-16 - For Flowering cycle (12/12)

    Now, I have purchased Grow, Micro, and Bloom. Is there any use for Grow at all? I'm pretty new to hydro growing, but to me it would make sense to use grow. I've been looking for different nutrient soup opinions, but it looks like the Lucas Formula has a monopoly on it! I'm wondering if anyone has any evidence that using Grow is bad or good. If it's bad, I guess it will have a nice place sitting in my basement doing nothing, heh.

  2. if you read the lucas formula, you'll see that there is a zero under grow, that means no use whatso ever :)

    here is a more detailed discription of the lucas formula


    (and take that GH Grow back for a refund :p)
  3. Yeah, I know there's a zero, but I was wondering if any other method utilizes grow? I was just curious if Grow has a purpose in any other nutrient recipe, and why it doesn't in the Lucas formula. Thanks for the link, though, I guess I'll go with the Lucas Formula.
  4. Lucas formula is by far the "safest" route, start with that, when you've got everything else under conrol, you can start playing with nutes (if you want) for better plants.

    the GH system is designed as a 3 part system, the "Grow" has a high N content, but Micro has enough N in it to cover vegitation.

    you should be very happy with the lucas formula.
  5. The only problem I've had with the Lucas Formula so far is my plants started to suffer from magnesium deficiencies for some reason. I'd keep some epsom salts on hand just in case they start showing signs.

    Also, I was never able to get a definitive answer on what PPM levels are appropriate for the Lucas Formula. What are these " TDS @ 0.5 conversion" and "TDS @ 0.7 conversion" all about? Why need to convert to anything when it shows just what PPM my reservoir is right on my TDS meter? Right now my reservoir is at 1000-1200 ppm according to my meter.
  6. The GH micro should cover the mag when using R/O and PPM is a conversion from EC which is converted to PPM using either x500 or x700.

    You should find out which conversion factor YOUR meter uses so you can use the correct measures,using a real time and another dip type both using dif. factors will confuse the daylights out of you if your not aware of this vairiance.
  7. Whats the reasons for them using two different conversions of .5 or .7? Why cant they just make it a uniform conversion factor? BTW does anyone else really calibrate their ph pens or tds pens weekly like recommended? I have been and this milwaukee sucks.
  8. What milwaukee do you have? I've used Milwukee for a long time with no complaints at all. Is it still under warranty? Do you maintain the probes?
  9. The pH600, its yellow and of the pen variety. I calibrate it weekly, but tests back to back yield a large margin of error, sometimes a full .5+/-

    idk if its still under warranty, and I do keep the probe very clean

    Thinking about getting a hanna 3 in 1
  10. I have a hana on-line 2 in 1 w/dosing alarm( the light blue one) and love it,it stays within .1 every 2 weeks but wish i now got the 3 in 1. Soon when i get a cooler it wont matter since the cooler displays digital temps.:D
  11. One note on the Lucas Formula...which will probably also deal with the poster who is reporting the Mg deficiencies.

    Lucas has made a minor revision to his Formula since the version that was posted was written up (you can find it buried deep in his Ask Lucas thread on another forum). He no longer recommends having the different strenght for veg and flowering. Now he recommends that your lighting determine what strength you use. If you're growing under flouro's use the 0-5-10 ratio. If you're growing under HID, use the 0-8-16.
  12. So basically there is only one formula for veg and flowering if you're someone using CFLs like myself? Guess that makes things simpler.
  13. Theres only one formula, that formulation only varies if you change from CFLs to HIDs.

    My veg. CFLs get 0-5-10 and my flowering HIDs get the 0-8-16.;)
  14. Can anyone tell me why is there such a big difference between the lucas formula
    and the one the GHE recomends here

    there are also a lot of aditives which the lucas didnt mention

    how did my plant grew so well if i used from 10% to 25% of lucas formula dosage
    (in everage) not mentioning the problems i had and time it took. but.... it is a fact!

    what the fuck am i gonna do with my problems now!!!???
    the more i read the more my brain gets fucked up

    if any one has any ideas please take a look at my plant it needs some help

  15. i grow white widow at 50 percent of the normal amount stated on the bottle (using 3 part) at about 6.2 for my hydro and coco/perlite mixes
    im experimenting with another fish water grow with no nutes just alittle cal/mag organic and some molasses
    and with a 100% nute grow also for comparison
    ill be up on the experiments friday night if all goes well
    a plant from my current grow using coco/perlite mix at 6.2 using water from my 50% hydro units after changing them

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  16. i see
    im gonna do some experiments too with the next grow
    please post all u will find out

    good luck
  17. You can feed the lucas formula weekly and water with ph corrected water between feedings or water each time with 1/4 the lucas formula with good results,i do soil and add AN sups. with great results but lucas has stated very clearly when using R/O and his formula nothing is needed when all other environmental conditions are met.
  18. I use the lucas formula with floranova bloom for my last 2 grows and LOVE it!

    Simplest feeding formula I have yet to try, perfect for newer growers imo

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