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  1. Hi all,

    Can anyone help me with This?

    I'm using green planet range nutes right now and having issues as it is - I have read about this formula and seems to have great success. Now dumb question but the say something like 0-18-10 (example) will the nutes i have work in the same way they are saying as in grow , micro, bloom ?? Cheers
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    The Lucas Formula uses GH Flora Series nutes. 8ml micro and 16ml of bloom per gallon for soil and 6ml micro and 9ml of bloom per gallon for coco - no grow is required. You can also use FloraNova Bloom at 8ml per gallon or MaxiBloom at 7 grams per gallon of tap water. I'm not sure about the nutes you are using.
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  3. Okay thanks mick as always !
  4. Hey mick, I was wondering can you use floranova bloom and maxi bloom together for the whole grow? I'm using maxi of course copying your method from your post but I have seen alot of posts similar in which flora is used. What's the difference?

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  5. You don't use them together - use either one or the other. I have used FloraNova Bloom before with great results - but I prefer MaxiBloom because it's considerably less expensive and does a great job as well.
  6. Awesome that's what I thought I just wanted to make sure I was understanding everything correct. Ever used floranova grow during veg instead of the silica blast? I've come across some hand me down nutes and thinking of experimenting with my next grow.

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  7. Pretty sure I have root rot - the roots looks fine to me, well a little brown.. but my leaves are fucked and the exact signs of root rot !! I give up you win DWC I'm going to organic soil.
  8. What temps have you been maintaining in the reservoir?
  9. FloraNova Grow is a complete nutrient and Silica Blast is a supplement - one does not replace the other.
  10. Don't know mate, but outside temp is no higher than 17 with lights off and no higher than 22 with lights on I'd say.. kind of giving up - problem afar problem, should hve just listened to everyone and gone with soil for first grow - problem is its hard to get good soil here, so I'm making my own mix of a recipe I got.
  11. Why not consider coco? It's far easier than DWC and you still get hydro results.
  12. Like this stuff?

  13. Perfect. I almost always use Canna coco - I have never used the plus+ but if it means already buffered, then that's a good thing.
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  14. Good to know, either that or this soil mix is my next option. Already wasted a month now unless this bounces back - gotta get some sleep, thanks for the advice.

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