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  1. Is the lucas formula worth the headache?
    why not just get the 3rd bottle?
    does it give the same results?

  2. What headache?

    I think the idea behind Lucas is a simple easy formula that produces good results. I have pulled almost 20 oz from 4 plants under a single 600 using Lucas.
  3. Lucas formula cut the nitrogen from the veg part of the 3 part flora series.  
    I use Maxibloom which is close to the Lucas formula according to some nutrient calcs.
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    I have run this method as well. The challenge I had was that I don't have hot water in my grow space and had trouble getting the Maxibloom to dissolve in cold water. Plants liked it fine but liquid nutes are easier for me to work with. That aside you are getting similar nutes for less $$.
  5. Use the maxi myself.. I personally like it .. Its so simple, drop a tsp or whatever ratio your workin with and end of story. Tepid water does help with the dissolve but it isn't too hard for me.. I always fill my gal half way, shake good, and then fill the rest.. With that way I end up with maybe 2 or 3 granules left at the bottom, and that's when feeding at 1 tsp/gal.. Anything under that and it mixes quite easily ..

    Back to the op- Lucas form is easier than regular three part.. Just maintain a 1:2 ration of micro bloom.. What's so tough about that?
  6. Im going to be watching this thread so experieced growers keep posting up your opninons. I am currently running the lucas formula @ 50% @ week three. Ill be chaning out res and upping to 100% for 1 more week of veg. I will then flush and double the lucas ratio for the first week of flowering.
    If I hit .5g/w, I wont even bother using the Grow. 10oz/4months is more than enough for me lol.
  7. i never understood lucas. why remove FloraGro to add CalMag+. FloraGro has calcium and magnesium and VERY little nitrogen. either way u end up buying Gen Hydro products.... huh?
  8. I liked Lucas, simple easy and for the most part was enough for my girls. I'd like to get something "better' this time around also.
  9. Based on your numbers im guessing you are running a 600 watt lamp? What kind of Hydro are you doing? Ebb-Flow? DWC? Aero?
  10. You typically only need to add cal mag if you are not using RO water. Flora micro has enough unless you are using hard water which will lock some of it out. Anyway even if you do need to add Cal-mag, its in smaller doses and it doesn't throw a butload of nitrogen in there with it that might burn your plants.

    The idea for lucas is that its simple, cheap, and it works in most situations.
  11. i started with lucas and got 8oz off one scrog plant in a perlite hempy friend says the newer floraduo is better though
  12. im glad i got so many replies
    i just wanna try all the nutrients
    who woulda thought that picking out nutes would be this fun..
    DWC. Check my journal if you got the time man:)
  14. I only use the grow to feed seedlings. I do need calmag as I use spring water instead of RO. Lucas formula is very simple. I usually add water till I've added a whole buckets worth, then clean, new airstones and new nute solution. Good luck.Sent from my XT1080 using Grasscity Forum mobile app
    Gonna look for it now!
    DWC usually does better with lower concentrations of solution, especially under high intensity light. That not to say its true for your particular situation/strains. Doubling Lucas still isn't as high as some labels would have you going, but i find Lucas works great for DWC specifically because its a relatively low concentration.
  16. Any updates?
  17. Does any body know if you can use the lucas formula with ghs flora duo?
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    Would be nice if we could get some updates on the lucas method, this is pertinent info that could help a lot of growers.

  19. Flora duo is the same duo as the Lucas formula from what i have read.

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