Lucas Formula w/Tap Water

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  1. Hello, 1st-time grower here, curious to know if using my tap water (210 ppm) w/ the Lucas Formula is ill-advised. It seems the main advantage of LF is to optimize nutrient ratios, which my tap water would likely throw off. I'm guessing this is why LF is advised to be used with RO water. Any thoughts? Also, when targeting the ppms that Lucas advises, would I include my tap water in that ppm total or not? Thanks!
  2. What grow method are you using?
  3. i use lucas formula with my tap water that comes about 110PPM i did need to add a bit of cal mag, but otherwise no issues
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  4. what are you phing your water too after the nutes?
  5. 200ppm is fine mate. Most of england is a lot worse and the majority of them use that no worries.

    Dont count it in the ppm total.

    The trick with dosing in reservoirs is to just follow the ppm.
    Start at 200ppm nutes and wait for the ppm to start dropping. That shows the plant is taking more nutes per litre than what you put in.
    Once that happens go upto 300ppm and same again, wait for it to drop.
    And just keep doing that. It works out roughly 100ppm per week of veg starting at day 7.

    Feed like that, always waiting for the drop then go up 100ppm and youll keep it as close to perfect as you can.
    Keeps everything balanced, makes the ph behave itself as best it can and avoids 90% of nute dramas.
    The 10% thats left is generally just the bottoms going a bit yellow when they get hungry.
    Bit of iron def during the stretch sometimes.
    Other than that you can do the full grow with very little clue about what youre doing if you just follow the number on the stick like a monkey.

    If the ppm rises at all, even by 001 then its too strong so add water till it starts dropping again.

    Obsess over it for a month so it sinks in and becomes second nature. Once the penny drops you can keep it perfect while paying very little attention.
    Check twice a week. Couple drops of ph down once a week and thats it.
    Gotta keep the ppm dropping to keep things that simple though.

  6. Hey, im using KISS method @ 5g/gal using the ad back method however i cannot figure out the formula to increase PPM by 100! Im currently sitting at 500ppm but its dropping as each day goes and i want to bring it up to 600ppm. How much nutrients do i need to adback to 3.4 gal of water. Thanks in advanced !

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