Lucas Formula in DWC question....

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  1. Ok, I have 5 18 gallon totes, 4 with plants, 1 with pump and air stones only, as a res/controller, but is part of the system. Theirs is about 40 gallons total in the system. But only about 8 gallons in the controller tote.

    Do I add nutes for every gallon in the system, or just in the controller tote?:confused:
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    Yes! Add for every gallon in the whole system!
  3. just add nutes to the water ur adding if you need 5 gallons of water then nute the five gallon extra nutes shouldnt hurt a dwc but you will be wasting nutes
  4. How are tho 18 gallon totes only holding 8 gallons of nutes? mine hold est.13 for dwc. 5 inch net pots.

    Even though they are all connected the first nute mix you will have to measure out seperaetly and mix( PITA) or pour your nutes into each individual tote and ph them. its easy after you get the hang of it.

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