Lucas formula experience?

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  1. HI GC,
    I'm on my second Hydro run, first run I used all kinds of nutes, ff grow big, calmag, humic, hygrozyme, flora nova bloom, Bloombastic, - it was too expensive for me, but the quality was great. I'm trying out Lucas formula this time, I know beginners and experienced use it, however I fin it hard to believe that it's going to give me the connoisseur quality I'm looking for. Any past experiences and info would be appreciated, thank you.

  2. I'm using as we speak Lucas Formula in DWC & Coco. Just like you I decided to give a shot to see if is really true you can achive the same level of quality with the simple formula and nothing more. I'm a AN user/fan. Been using it for the past 3 years with no complaint. With Lucas I will tell you this, I do not like how it works with Coco. I'm using the modified recipe of:

    6ml Micro
    9ml Bloom
    1 gram Epsom Salts

    and my plants are not green and lushy like AN does to my plants. However I got be fair. The Bubble Cooler is using the Original Lucas Formula of:

    8ml Micro
    16 Bloom

    and the results so far are very comparable. I have a Pineapple Express flowering for 27 days (check sig vvvv) with Lucas Formula and I'm almost sold. I said almost until I harvest and make the final test.

    But with Coco I wont be using it any more or not at least the 6ml/9ml ratio.
  3. Thanks for the reply, how does the resin look so far?

  4. I have never grown Pineapple Express (P.E.) before, resin right now is not so much. However, i can tell you this. She start flowering at the same time as Great White Shark and Bubba Kush. Which by the way, B.K & GWS were pre-flowering already. As today P.E. is bigger than her cousins, but they are in Coco Fiber which have been a real headache.
  5. I assume she's bigger because of the bubble cooler system, that system is unmatched from the results I've seen

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