lucas formula and carb boosters

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  1. is there really a reason to add carb boosters while using the lucas formula. i know the micro bloom combo has everything ur plant needs. but does adding the boosters really help? my ph and ppms are on point. my trust in a $90 light that turned out to be crap is the reason behind my low yield im sure. but would love a little knowledge from peeps that use lucas and have tried the with and without effect from bloom boosters.
  2. If its part of the formula, use it!
  3., 0-8-16 is all you need. If your using RO water you may need cal./mag. Other than that, I've never had a problem with Lucas. I just harvested 452 grams dry off of a 600 watt HPS....while using The Lucas Formula.
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    have you used the boosters with the lucas also? or just the lucas? im really hoping for a response of....

    "yes, i have experimented and done all of the leg work for ya since your too impatient and lazy to do it for yourself. but since im such a nice guy....i noticed that there was/was not (circle one) a difference."

    here is a pic at day 55. its not that im hurting too bad. im just wondering if i can get more out of it... without wasting my cash.

  5. ...hey bro, click the "Ask Lucas" link in my sig. I'm sure your questions have been answered there, from the horse's mouth. :D
  6. ty will do
  7. I experimented this past grow with using florabloom\calmag and the buds seem to be a bit more sweeter, and harder on both the Nirvana White Widow and Northern Lights.

    I run 0-6-12 because of low power light. (400w HPS)

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