Lucas 5-10 with FF Trio

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  1. Im running the Lucas 8-16 on a DWC setup 1330ppm @ .7 now I have had great success with the FF stuff in soil so I already have it but I havent tried it with the Lucas method.Im thinking from my own calculations that I should be ok if I revert back to the 5-10 formula which would put me in the 829 then I would add 1/4 tsp of any of the trio per gallon.Does this sound right any info would be appreciated.

  2. Really No one?
  3. 5-10 is for a cfl grow. 8-16 is for HID grows. I do not know about adding other additives to the Lucas Formula, sorry.
  4. By ff trio do you mean Beastie Bloomz, etc., or grow big, etc.? I used 0-8-16 with beastie bloomz my last grow and i think it was too much. the leaves showed signs of nute burn. 0-5-10 with additives might work. i didn't have a ppm meter/monitor then either though. still, i pulled 2 lbs from 4 plants.
  5. Yes the Beastie Bloomz, and Cha Ching I don use the open sesame only because Im a cheap ass.I was concerned with burn going with the 8-16 so Im gonna mix up a test batch to see what the PPMs come out to with all the shit mixed in.I was really wondering if it is worth the extra screwing around but I guess you have sold me on a test run.Ill post results and what the ppms come out too with either formula for anyone looking to try in the future.

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