LSV vapozier by 7th Floor

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by claypool, Oct 12, 2010.

  1. the new vape from 7th floor looks like the SHIT! You can use it with a glass mouthpiece, with a glass bong or use it as a lighter like a hakko.

    Someone buy one while I'm saving up and post a review to ease the pain ;)

    Life Saber Vaporizers

  2. Looks really cool, hella exspensive though for that price I could about get a volcano.
  3. ^^^this is far from a volcano though. different type of vape and volcano are $100+ more expensive
  4. What if you made a stand and set the LSV on an angle similar to the SSV, and fit an SSV 90 degree heater cover over the element, or one similar, I know a guy who can make me one, if the SSV heater cover is too short ( or bend a LSV HEATER COVER to a 90). then you could also use it just like a Silver Surfer as well
    has the same internals as the silver surfer, and the heating element look the same, the glass heater cover looks similar on the LSV just straight not bent at a 90 degree angle as on the SSV.
    That would make it extra GREAT
    I have been looking at them both, but leaning towards the LSV for this reason
    ANY THOUGHTS??? or coments

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