Lsu geaux tigers

Discussion in 'All Sports' started by cowboysaxman, Oct 3, 2010.

  1. LSU wins on final play, with 0 time left 16-14:D:yay:

    Sorry Vols fans, sucks to be you:poke:
  2. Lol it doesn't really suck to be a Vols fan, I'm from TN so I go for them, but honestly they played a good game with all odds against them. Lost Fulmer and then had a coach leave 14 days they are dealing with a new coach and a lot of new players. I think they played a great game, and LSU was really sloppy tonight.
  3. Sloppy? lol, the Vols lost because they had 13 men on the field....THAT's sloppy:D
  4. True, I know they both played sloppy...but look at the interceptions and penalties on LSU. I thought it was funny that the Vol's also recovered the snap at the end lol...but yeah it was a dull game until the end, I thought we had a chance =] We have a rough 3 more games ahead of us as well...GA and Bama I would go ahead and say losses...we will be lucky to win 6 games...that is what I'm hoping for.

    I'll call Memphis a win, Vanderbilt is iffy...and Kentucky we might stand a chance.

    But good game and hopefully that gave them the confidence boost they need to play next week.
  5. Vols should do well, Sims looked real good toward the end. Might be another "chip off the old block":)
  6. Haha I sure hope so. They have played poorly their last games but they got fired the most I've seen this year in the 4th quater. If we could beat one high ranking team that would be great :), but I seriously doubt it. I'll take what we get this year and hopefully next season will be more organized.

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