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  1. It's my first time doing LST and am running out of room in my 10" pots and haven't even started to rap it around the pot yet. I have tied the main branch down along with all side branches coming off of main stem. I have also trimmed many leaves off these plants. I was wondering if I should also cut off the bud sites coming off the branches of the main branch. Obviosusly not the tops of these branches but the growth underneath the top flowers. Please help?
  2. Post pics, I bet you could LST in such a way that you aren't running out of space.
  3. How are you running out of room? I agree with toastybiz, we'd make better recommendations with a pic. I LST and use a training board. See if my LST helps brew up some ideas I've done training other ways using wire and a large plastic overflow tray. I'd poke the wires through the rim of the tray to help pull it down.
  4. Yeah I spent many hours on my scrog cutting off bud sites below the screen. It can be hard to decide how far up to cut bud sites off. I leave the top two inches of a branch.

    SO yes cut off the lower bud sites. It will leave you with nice big buds above. I cut off the leafs below my screen along with the bud sites. It allows for better ventilation under the screen. My screen cost me about 7 bucks to build. After I saw a cool scrog on Hightimes I made one. I wanted it to look real clean, nothing ghetto, so I used PVC and construction string and laced the string through holes i made 3 inch apart on one side of the PVC pipe. It took a while to fish the line through the holes, but it looks so clean and neat.

    Are you flowering?
  5. But scrog is different that strait lst. Your plant should be flat if your doing lst and all buds should be about level. There should not be many if any lower buds to cut off.

    I think your tied down branches have grown vertical a lot , tie them down again, and you wont need to cut off any bud sites.

    A photo would help.
  6. Here are some pictures of my LST. I just started wrapping the top of the plant around the pot. I was hoping to get all the way around before flowering but am running out of room. What do you all think? Is it time to flower? Any helpful hints would be great.
  7. they are

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  8. You could continue training. Drill some small screws around the base of the plastic pot and you can continue to train in veg. You can put screws around the rim of the plastic water dishes too and use bailing wire to train on top of it.

    I think I saw preflowers, you could switch to flowering but I'd go longer. Also, if you're trimming, you should wait a week before throwing her into flower. Once in flower, I don't recommend trimming unless you like to roll the dice of it herming out.
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  11. I do scrog and only train after they're put in flower room and have never had a hermie from doing it that way. the plants seem to love it. and I have had to double scrog once and yielded 2 lbs from it a pound of mid buds and a lb of topshelf. the only thing about training in the stretch weeks od flower is it adds a week to flowering. but the yield is worth it. it would have to be a weak strain to hermie over some late training. trimming will move auxins not produce a hermie
  12. Auxins are still a plant hormone. If you increase a plant hormone, you're decreasing another. Florigen is a newer plant hormone that promotes flowering.... from what I've seen and studied, many hormones are antagonistic. We're still learning about plant hormones... the science of it is not dead. Published studies on MJ are next to null with respect to growing. Hemp is the closest publication available. I'm no expert but I have to disagree in trimming during flowering... then again I only deal with Sativa's because that's what I prefer. Indica might be able to handle it genetically. Plant cells in general are all the same... from the flowers, roots, petals, etc., it is the hormones and the turning on and off of genes that dictates what the cell actually becomes. Anyone with a basic plant physiology education will agree that petals are modified leaves. It's a bold statement to say it WON'T hermie. Sorry, I don't mean to come off a bit rash, I'm just speaking the devils advocate of the other scientific aspect.

    For instance, evolution wise (stop reading if you're from Kansas, I respect the belief of intelligent design), a plant like an indica may have experience heavier predation as it is lower to the ground and isn't known for stretching. Thus over the years, it has benefited from natural predation and "mechanical trimming" to produce more flowers and reproductive structures. We know that Elk and Moose Saliva will prevent plant pathogens from stressing and inhibiting plant growth due to enzymes found within the saliva... hence a lower impact.... (I read scientific journals... not science fiction, however, I love a good movie). In this aspect, these animals are able to return to the feeding ground with a greater chance of feeding again... and surviving in some of the harshest conditions known. I'd hate to be a moose or elk or deer....(all venison).

    If I'm quoting you right, than Durban Poison is a weak strain (100% sativa). It hermes if you trim the shit out of it. I think it really depends upon the genetics and evolution. Hormones dictate so much due to signal transduction pathways. When we play with them... it has more consequences than we imagine. Hell, we all have heard the saying, "one bad apple spoils the rest", it's because a ripening fruit secrets a plant hormone that tells the other fruit or plants to ripen as well... ethylene. That's why we keep green bananas in a bag so that they ripen. It can be prevented with a silver ________ spray which is what florists use. I think there's a lot more we need to study and learn and it stems from what we know about Arabidopsis studies which is very different from Cannabis.

  13. cant make hide nor hair from that rambling. my training is in the weeks of stretch trimming leaves in those weeks does nothing but kick it into high gear. with ur extensive knowledge you should have heard of the enzyme harpin , it tells the plant its in trouble and needs to do something about it. like I said only a week strain will hermie cause a few leaves are taken. the plant gets eaten by deer all the time.
  14. I agree, I had gotten back from the bar with some buddies and jumped online. I jumped around a bit and apologize. The nice part about not trimming as much though is that during the flowering stage, it will be able to pull stored sugars and nutrients from the leaves and increase yield and such.

  15. thats why it adds a week to bloom cause it dosen't just start keep flowering when trimed I mean it still is in bloom but focuses energy on replacing that leaf or leaves u pulled. the leafs r the little factories it needs them to produce good big bud.
  16. eXactly what he said.

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