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  1. i lst'd once to a topped plant with 4 colas. looks kinda like a spider. anyways, vegged for 20 12/12 for 10 and in bloom week1. its been 17 days since the last hook was put down. im using coat hanger cut and bent into hooks. my question is...when can i pull these hooks up. it seems that the stems have hardened and are "trained" now. if i pull em will these branches go back up or will they stay the way they are?
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    They might start to straighten back a little but should stay the same for the most part. I do bonsai plants and when I'm training branches, I leave the hooks or string for about a month before removing. I've only started training weed branches so I don't know from experience weed
  3. I'd leave them, and consider tying the plants to the hooks, that way as the plant adds weight, the weight will be taken off the branches and the hooks will instead handle the weight. Less potential for snapped branchesimo.
  4. Rubber bands work good also to pull with some give so branches don't break and you can adjust the rubber bands to pull more or less easily
  5. You can leave them staked down or unhook them, up to you. The plant will "untrain" a little but will keep the overall shape of the branches as they are now. The plant will like it better untied, so I suggest trying that for a little while, if it gets too tall you can always stake it down again.
  6. Agreed. Untied might be better especially if Its going into flowering
  7. yea its early stage bloom. i cant see buds but pistil growth is full throttle. thx i will prob give em another week or so till buds really start comin in to pull hooks. thx for all the quick replies!
  8. Do the metal hooks not harm the plants at all? Like from rust or anything in the soil?

    I lst all my plants, and have been using all natural things(sticks, green pine needles) to tie down my plants. I thought of using metal as it would be easier but I thought that corrosion would possibly be a problem. I grow outdoors, so the corrosion would probably be worse than indoors..
  9. never had any problems with em but i see how outdoors might have some. rust etc.
  10. I used metal and I never had a problem. I used clothes hangers that I cut up and bent into shape.

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