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  1. This is my first time low stress training so I have no idea if I did this right please help [​IMG][​IMG]

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  2. I think you would want to bend the the main stem to the edge that's what I did
  3. I lst by tieing down the top as far as it would go I grow out the 4 lower nodes. By rotating the top over a week or two. Then when the four nodes are as long as the top. I top the plant and add a scrog. This top was probably 6". This is just befor the net but my tubs hold it down and I do still tie the 4 down with string too. 52010911865__2F8CDEBB-F41B-4D9C-825A-C64E522E43FE.JPG
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    tied it down sideways and topped it twice early in life and
    flushed it and started plant on 1 Tablespoon Molasses And teaspoon Sea Salt per half gal tap water the leafs were reaching for the light with all its might.
  5. Hey man, how long do you leave the top branches tied down?
  6. It's really to your preference on how you want your plant to grow. My routine worked out great for my first grow that's currently still growing. I pull the branches down for about 2 weeks then let them loose for about 3 days and repeat it's worked great for me! Go check out my grow and see for your self! Exzryo's First Grow [Update:July27th]

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  7. When did your plant start exploding? I notice in week 3 it didn't look that big.
  8. Right after week 3 it really took off!

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  9. Thanks man! I'm starting Week 3 veg and my plant is bushy, but hasn't exploded vertically, yet.

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