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  1. Can you LST any strain you want if you're working in a small space or are some strains better for this method?
  2. You can LST pretty much any plant. Go to town! Just be gentle and start early before the stems get too thick.
  3. sativas may be a bit harder cause they're stretch more, but pretty much you can with any strain.

    An indica dominant will give you a nice short fat bushy plant naturally so it's easier to get more shoots in smaller spaces

  4. I actually prefer to go more heavy with the LST on my sativa plants since I'm an indoor grower and I need to work with my vertical space the best I can. Indica dominant plants usually can be kept stout and bushy when I top them and give them adequate lighting, but a sativa dominant plant will branch out like crazy and keeping an even canopy usually requires some sort of LST on my end. The branchy sativas do well when tied down though, because every side branch has the opportunity to turn into a cola.

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