LST yet? (pic inside)

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  1. is this plant ready for LST? its only a month old from a seed.

  2. I suppose. It doesn't look very healthy though. If I were you I would give it more time. What are you growing this with? MH, HPS ,CFL?
  3. cfl and hanging flouresent
  4. wait till it's 4th set of leaves man..
  5. yo probably need more light. if it a month old it should be a lot bigger than that. mine are only three inches tall but have three sets of leaves.and thats even with only 50w of cfl. (very low on money)

    get more lights and start veggin
  6. a month old? damn! what happened? without the proper lighting there should be stretching of some sort right? so something has stunted the growth of this plant. hmm, what could that be......
  7. hmm maybe they arent cannibus seeds?

  8. haha what? where did you get them? not all seeds are cannabis seeds...but if you got them in a bag of nugget can assure you its cannabis.

    i'm only in my first grow, but i can try to help you out.

    how much wattage do you have on those fluorescents? how far away are the bulbs? and how tall is the plant?

    i can already tell that it is in bad shape. the curling leaves show that the soil is nutrient deficient in some way. but it still looks too young to add nutes
  9. Looks like some stretching to me. How far is your light from your plant?
  10. about 5"
  11. How often do you water? the only time ive seen stunting on this level was due to severe lack of water...I think if it was light there would be a lot more stretching if its been going for a month
  12. yep, if it were an issue of the lights being to far away then yes there would be significant stretching. especialy after a month.......
  13. about every 3 days. i drench it when i do. using nutes at half strength.
  14. dont use any nutes until they are bigger..
  15. you say you drench it? what is your soil made up of, if you have insuficient drainage the roots could rot, in my first grow i had this problem and mine did the same thing....a little later in life though
  16. If you try to LST you will murder the lil bastard....soil looks like its VERY poor... No nutes at that stage, too early, can shock it... lights too far away and insuffecient wattage.... cannister its in is too small.... too much water.... no offense bro but you did almost everything wrong... read up and re-think. I figure you got two options...

    Put it out of its misery, or re-engineer your "environment".

    If you try and keep this poor lil bastard on life support, you better act fast. its about to flatline ----------------------

    Transpalnt into 3-5 gallon bucket, good organic soil, retard your watering, stop the nutes, get more/better lights closer to the tomato plant. Build a light box or put up some reflective mylar. Do that and see if it lives.

    Chalk it up to an experience and learn from it.

    p sout
  17. You could start LST. But I'd recommend moving the light 45 degrees to match up with the top of the plant. That way you could encourage the growth which would help a lot seeing as how small it is.

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