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  1. If you LST a plant too much, will it negatively affect the yield? What I'm asking is, will you end up with many small colas instead of a few large ones? Basically getting the same amount, or less, bud with more work.
  2. Multiple tops can have a positive or negative effect. There is a genetic threshold as far as how many growth sites a plant will produce. Many small ones can add up to the equivalent of a couple large ones. But again this depends on the strain you grow. For some strains it will cut your final harvest weight down.
  3. It varies from plant to plant, most likely. Some plants fair better if they are left to stretch into one or two big colas...other ones respond very well to LST and become bushy and riddled with medium to big sized colas.

    My plants, all LST, show incredible growth after being tied down...basically every bud that's been tied down is about twice as big as the buds that haven't been tied. They don't compare to the single cola, but they are a decent size. I believe If I hadn't done LST I would've ended up with a longer cola but fewer, smaller additional buds.

    LST is used more to accomdate space restrictions...but it also makes for an interesting looking plant. It's not that hard to LST so I wouldn't say it's more work than normal when caring for a plant.

    If you have more than one gal, I'd say LST one of them and let the rest grow up. See what you like, ya know. To each his own.
  4. Here's a couple pics of a plant I would consider lightly trained. The top is pulled over a bit, but that was to expose lower bud sites more, which has worked great. The plant is fattening and ripening much more consistently, rather than top buds developing faster and first.

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  5. I am trying to LST my babies as well. I was wondering is LST meant for closet, small space growing, or for instance a big room...or would it be personal preference?
  6. Personal preference. Generally it's used in smaller spaces that don't allow taller plants.
  7. lst is just a way to get the light more evenly dispursed over the plant, i havent seen a plant yet that doesnt respond well to that... more light= more bud;)
  8. I'd say unless your doing 12/12 from seed or a sog, lst will most likely help. Even with sog it would help most people, if you have the sqfootage for a bushier plant.
  9. No doubt LST would help the yield. I was wondering if it was possible to over do it. Like maybe if you had too many bud sites, the plant could not support them all and end up making smaller buds.
  10. no you cant over due it... the plant will support all her budsites...
    Thats what she does....shes a plant...LOL

    no worries guys...lst away....

    Some plants dont take to topping well, but lst...they all love and will give back to you for doing it..the other advise ill offer is go ahead and lay it right down...dont be nervous..
    within a day all the tops will be turned back up toward the light....
    Ive grown in less then 20"in height for a long time... I lst the shit out of em...
    4 z's a plant in that area is my average....check my grow guys..i wouldnt steer ya wrong...

  11. Yeah, this guy's def telling you the truth. You can bend a plant in to so many different shapes. If you can do it slowly, without snapping branches, it will work out no matter what you do to it.

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