LST When to start flowering?

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  1. I've read that when the plant makes its way around the border of the pot is when to send it into 12/12. My question is what do you do when the 12/12 stretch begins if you are already all the way around the pot? I just finished my first grow with no LST, but im planning on using that technique in the future to save space.

  2. see I wanna try LST also but I was wondering the exact same thing. nice thread! +rep. any help anyone?
  3. you wont get to much verticle stretch. you can still bend down the shoots. but LST greats more colas then popcorns.but they will shoot up.
  4. awesome. so you think I could just let the cola from the main stem grow up toward the light with the rest of them of that stem? I plan to stake it to the soil...
  5. Wrong, it will stretch upwards, but as long as the original growth tip is the same level as the rest of the branches, it wont matter.

    But it will take forever to spiral it around the pot and it probably wont, and its very hard to keep the canopy even with the spiral because the inner leaves cover each other up. I would just grow it sideways.
  6. Mine didnt gain to much vertical grow and im using cfls. LST and the grew about 6in but thats it. didnt really need to LST after.
  7. Mine doubled in height during flowering.
  8. well do you think once I flower, I could just remove the bigger leaves covering the lower ones. I know you shouldn't remove leaves but I didnt know if this would actually help bud growth... I'm stoned. :smoking:
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    Nah, you will be fine. The vertical growth will reach a plateau as long as you keep tying down. Leave those leaves on until they turn yellow or are 50% damaged. Best thing to do is bend back big fan leaves to allow light to penetrate buds. Do not cut off unless absolutely necessary.

  10. Trust me you probably won't even circle half way during veg. You can cotinue to tie down even throughout flowering.
  11. Try not to pull any leaves off, they are helping your plant grow by producing sugar. If they are shading your buds, bend them a little and tuck them under the bud.
  12. alright, I see what your saying with tieing the leaves... I'm growing three plants in maybe 8", possibly 6" pots that I plan to transplant to bigger pots once I know sex. does anyone know if I turn to 12/12 to sex and re-veg, would this put too much stress on the plant since I'm LST and cause it to hermie? I'm thinking it would.

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