Lst training and some tearing. What happens when you do this accidentally?

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  1. I was doing some lst training and the plant i did a few days ago i saw it had ripped so i did bind it up will it heal or die off bush out lol? What can happen? So i looked at the ones i did the other day there was another one so i got a picture of it before i bound it up. Could be why the leaves are turning yellow eh? 20190822_221934.jpg 20190822_221713.jpg

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  2. They should heal up but don't leave those bunders on too long that tight. Could choke off the plant. Not sure how much more LST training you can do with those branches but I have sen worse live.
  3. Lol thats good one god knows how long that nigger one was torn, it was alot bigger. The tear in the photo was much smaller than the 1st one. As yiu can see with the twist ties around it. It is a tad bigger than the other lol. Should i leave em on for a few days ish?

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  4. Can they heal up on their own. Would it have been better if i just let it heal naturally. So ill know for next time. Ir is it best to tie them once you see the tear?

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  5. I broke the main stem on my plant a few months ago. It was hanging on only by a few fibres. It was only about a month into veg, but I braced it and it all turned out well so far. Hopefully the stress back in veg doesn't result in a hermie, though.

    The pics show the stem (more like a trunk now) of the plant I broke after it healed itself.

    The plant that I broke in back in June takes up about 1/2 (left side) of that canopy.

    HTH 20190818_150355.jpg 20190819_103346.jpg

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  6. It will heal on it's own but will be very fragile. It healing together depends on if it was already dry when you tied it. If it was dry it will still live but won't heal back together. Even when wet they sometimes don't heal back together. If branch doesn't die in 24 hours it usually survives. Be real careful I have seen breaks fine for weeks then it gets bumped or too heavy and snaps off. I would support it without strangling it. Yeah leave it on for a week then take it off but support those branches and be gentle.
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  7. Right on gives me some idea and what to expect. I should be able to support it somehow. Idk when one split. The smaller one is quite recent.

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  8. This maybe a dumbe thought but would clonex help it heal better?

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  9. Thats amazing you just left it be and it healed into all that? So you just braced it held it up thats it? Im goingbto have to be extra careful when i water now pssssh! So this kind of damage can make it turn hermie? Even if its a clone?

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  10. Its healed now. You should be fine. I have one thay just entered flower and the stalks still visibily split lol.... Atleast yours healed fully

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  11. Couldn't tell ya if that would help.
  12. Lol i feel ya. Never hurts to try i never did though. That smaller tear is healing up great . The one that had some bigger tearing idk i dont see much of a difference yet. Its still growing so thats a plus. In that tent with the led im having trouble with the my soil not drying fast enough. Its been 4 days freaking still wet in the middle! Idk maybe its a ventilation issue hopefully. Because i need to water them in a few days. It could be that happy frog soilm its seems to hold water longer . I mixed ut with coco though and its still taking forever.

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  13. One of them i think did. Idk about the bad one yet. Lol they still have the band aid and the twisty tie on it. almost scared to take it off lol.

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  14. What's your humidity and heat?
  15. In my 4x4 with rhe cmh is perfect. With the ventilation on its 77 degrees. With the ventilation off its 82 degrees. Its usually 50% humidity no more then 62% the 2x4 now it stays about 75 degrees and 70 to 79% humidity. The pots stay wet its been 4 days pots are still wet! I added two more fans though one for inside and one for exhaust. So there are two exhausts and two fans inside this 2x4 tent. It should not have much humidity now lol. Idk why its so hard to regulate that small tent .

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  16. Your temps and humidity are fine. Just water less next time until the plant is able to drink more. I like 2-3 day water. Some like less but I work a lot and after 10 hours of cannabis farming it's nice to just check on them for a few days and not have to do anything.

    When I transplant I like to just water in the plant for the first week. What that means is I have a general idea of how much water will only surround the roots. So I try and water 1/2 to 3/4 of the pot only. So the water only seaps in enough to reach the roots. When you think about it why water a newly transplanted plant and run it through? If you plant like I do you are going from a 5.5 square pot to a 3 gallon. If I soak it through I am drowning 2+ gallons of medium for no reason. There are no roots there and also no roots to drink up the water. Maybe you knew this but just throwing it out there. Hope that helps just took a bong hit and finished watering my home grow.
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    Kinda so if the roots arent reaching the bottom yet why soak the pot? Tge pot has been soaked once so there no need is what you are saying? Its kind of wastful with nutes probably too. Ill try this next watering session . Ive been doing my 5 gal pots maybe a gallon and my 3 gallon pots probably half gallon. Thats enough to see water xome out the bottom. So i may cut that in half for each pot. Quarter gallon per 3 gallon and half gallon per 5 .

    Makes sense i guess. I d9 know where the roots are about because i aerate the soli once every couple of weeks real good. Just to check on my soil to makr sure there is no stagnant water or soil. So i know the roots haven't been able to grow out to the side much yet. ill try it and see if that helps the plant take up water faster. Ill at least do it in the 2x4 tent that has the led. The 4x4 tent with the cmh they drink water fine because of the heat and less humidity. I may just water them a tad less in tthe future as well. Im about every 4 days give or take with that tent so its not horrible. But ive just started nutrients so do i want all my soil saturated in nutrient water? Or does it matter?

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  18. I think I read to leave the wrap on for 4 weeks. I used electrical tape ( I was freaking out and it was all I could find :)) but it fell off well before 4 weeks..I think it was on for at least 2 weeks though.

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  19. Now everyone is different but I like a 2-3 day water. I go by weight of the pot. I pick up the pot and feel the water weight. It's the best way I have found especially when they are young. Once they get into week 3-4 of flower it's easier the roots are established and I can usually do a 2 day water without picking them up. When I transplant I never soak the pot through. Just water enough to wet the roots part of the pot. The way I water I pick up the pots and when I feel like they would start to droop in 6-12 hours I water. Weed likes a drying out period.

    I don't like to droop my plants some people do droop there plants then water but in any case I just water enough to go 2-3 days and you don't have to worry about root rot. I water 3 cups of water in my 3 gallon pots and it's about 3 days between water and when it gets to only 1 day between water I increase the amount. I am in the first week of flower and 3nd week after transplant from a 5.5 inch square pot to a 3 gallon pot using coco Roots Organic Soilless.
  20. No if there are no roots then there is no reason to soak it because there are no roots there to take it up. The less you soak it the better the oxygen to your rhizosphere and in return your roots will grow faster. When you soak it and it stays soaked there is less air in your root zone and you get rot, mold and bugs.

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