LST, snapped f'n plant top off..

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  1. Damn. I've done LST a million times, and today for the first time I snapped the top while tying it down. Completely off.

    I thought about using it as a clone, but I decided to just try to heal it. So I put it back together and taped it.

    Good or bad move? Will it grow back? Or should I just let the plant regrow a new top?
  2. Taped it? hahahahaha no i don't think so
  3. From experience, if I've snapped a branch and but not completely through, it grows back in a couple of days with a knuckle where the damage was. I wouldn't expect a clean cut branch could reattach itself, I'd personally use it as a clone.
  4. The tape will work. I snapped the top off of a clone, the only thing I had near by was blue painters tape. I realigned the stalk, taped it up and it healed in 1 day.
  5. Surprising. And useful to know, damn resilient plants. Was already impressed at how they healed after cutting half way through a branch.
  6. you have just done HST (high stress training) lol

    but really its OK, you wont get it to reattach without some really fancy work but it could be done in a lab or something like that

    look at one of my posts I posted pics of a main steam being broken off in flower and how we fixed it
  7. Yeah people have taped stems back together many times.. I guess I asked too many newbs lol. Was looking for someone with experience. I've had stems hanging by threads and did this and it worked. But I didn't know about a clean cut off stem.

    I think I will just wait a day, and if it doesn't work I'll top it correctly.
  8. I give it more than a few days, but it will most likely heal. I've done something very similar and used wire twist tie to reattach. It repaired itself and grew some fine bud! As long as water and nutes are still able to pass through the plant's stem/branch you're good to go.

  9. It really is amazing how much punishment they can take.
  10. I decided last night to say f it and just topped it lol. This morning it's already growing back. I'm not a patient person and I'm not gonna wait around a couple days to a week for it to heal. Topping I figure will be much faster, and actually benefit the plant in the long run.
  11. Bro I have successfully tapped back together a snapped plant multiple times. It works. Lol. Fuck cloning it. If u don't want to tape if throw it away and watch the new growth full up
  12. you basically did a graft of a plant onto itself.

    google grafting techniques to make sure you do it properly, and you should be fine.
  13. I recently snapped a stem, down by the soil. It was yesterday.
    I got the snapped area wet, put some rooting hormone on it, and then covered it with dirt. I'm hoping it'll reroot at the snap.
    I've used tape before, but never the method I discribed.
  14. Ha well good luck with your plant, my plant ended up growin fantastic, had a good harvest.
  15. Keeping my fingers crossed...
  16. Y not

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  17. USE super glue! Works everytime
  18. Clone it, tape it; doesn't matter. The plant will be stronger where you done it regardless. It's no big deal.

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