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Discussion in 'Plant Training' started by igrow1992, May 10, 2011.

  1. IM Bout To Start Growing And I Want to no where Can I buy a shelf / rack to use for Sum LST to put in my grow box. or how can I make one?
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  3. I dont understand what your going for? To LST up the wall?
  4. what this guy said^^

    generally with LST you just tie down to the soil until it grow up some more and then tie it down again, often people combine it with topping or fimming, but i don't understand why you are wanting to get a shelf for your LST, where does this play into it?
  5. I mean Those Racks That Come With The PC Grow Box ..But A Bigger One So I can Put In My Growbox
  6. Sumthing Like This [​IMG]
  7. interesting, never seen one of them, but that looks kinda like a SCRoG to me, though it only has bars one direction, and i looks like they're using that to tie the plants to...
    it also looks kinda like a fridge shelf, you could look at appliance stores, but personally i'd look for some wire screens with one to two inch(is that the right size? i've never actually done a SCRoG myself) squares in it and use that, also look up how to SCRoG on the search bar and check soem of those threads, they're pretty helpful
    that'll also tell you the right size of square, im pretty sure its one to two inch, but look it up before taking my word for it

    a SCRoG is just an LST that uses a screen to keep an even canopy and give everything even amounts of light
  8. Yea It Does Kinda Look Like a Fringe Self ..An Thx For The Info
  9. no problem good luck man, let us know how the grow turns out:)
  10. I used one of those kitchen rack things you can buy at wallmart where the shelves are adjustable. My set up goes, air pump on bottom rack, then plants on the next shelf, third shelf is my screen with every other wire cut and then Im using zip ties to make the 2" x 2" squares. Fourth shelf has my lights directly attached and the shelf moves up and down on chains (didnt put the stoppers on this shelf). The last and final shelf has all my nutes and supplies and stuff. Makes it very convienent. Just my two cents...

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