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  1. Just have a question. As I understand it , SCROG involves putting a screen 6-10 inches above the base of your plants, letting the plant grow into the screen and then continually pushing the highest growth back under the screen.

    LST involves simply bending the plant over every time it goes vertical and making a circle around your pot keeping the profile low.

    Could you combine the two?

    What if I placed a screen a few inches above the pots and let the plant grow through the screen for a couple of inches and then instead of pushing it under the screen simply tying the growth down to the top of the screen and continuing to do that until I cover the top of the screen?

    The advantage is if I have a pot that is 1 x 1 I am limited to that with my circle around the pot. If I instead anchored to the top of a screen I would have more room to LST. Maybe I would put a 2 x 2 screen over the pot so that would give me 4x the space to run my LST (4 sq. foot of screen space vs. 1 sq. foot of pot space for traditional LST).

    Would this work? Am I missing something?

    Why do you have to keep the growth under the screen?
  2. Most of the time people do Scrog to try and keep the plant out of the lights. It limits veg growth and the flowers then grow upward through the screen.
  3. Really? I never heard that before. So doing a SCROG and keeping the growth ABOVE the screen is not a good idea then?
  4. LST and scrog are two different methods to achieve much the same thing. Both are training techniques to force the growth out horizontally, which does a few things:
    - It keeps the top canopy level, which is particularly helpful for an indoor grow where the intensity of artificial lighting drops off dramatically with just a little distance, so you can keep more of the plant closer to the light all at once
    - By exposing the secondary growth more directly to light you more fully develop these budsites
    - You control height, again especially important for an indoor grow

    Scrog more systematically controls the growth compared to LST, but scrog can also be hard to move (if you need to take the plant out of the grow space flushing, for example).

    You can combine the techniques but no real need to IMO.
  5. you mean like this?

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  6. boy, some bad info. in this thread. if you want to learn the proper way to do a scrog, look at greenmonster's scrog thread. you need a good 9" or so between the top of the containers and the bottom of the screen. this is so you can water/feed, trim and train. (ifn i was you, i'd choose scrog, you'll harvest more.)

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