Lst, scrog, topping, fim?

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    hey everyone,
    Im looking for some advice...
    I was wondering which of the training methods would be best suited for my situation. or which of these possibly combined as well, would work best for me and my grow. Ive been looking alot into all of these methods and cant settle on which one i should use or which ones can/should be combined.
    any help please?? :)


    here are some specs on my grow space.
    26"L x 24"D x 63"H
    400 watt MH and HPS
    DWC setup.

    and a pic so you can have an idea of what i am working with

    i need help soon because ill be going to get my clones very soon.


    thats alot everyone.
  2. Go with the scrog dog. Your setup is just perfect for it.
  3. but is it possible to combine scrog with anything else? to maximize my yeild
  4. Yeah scrog (which requires a few months off vegging... only downfall) can be combined with topping with very good results. Have it in a BIG container to comp for all the colas, you don't want those babies airy.
  5. i only have about 2 weeks to veg in order to have my plants harvested in time before i go on vacation is all that sucks. BUT i am starting with fully rooted clones that are about 8inches tall.

    what do you mean big container?
  6. IMHO...

    I would not top, fim, scrog or LST them.

    You have a tall skinny room, might as well use all of it right?

    I would use some supplemental lighting in the 4 corners of the closet and walls.

    Just grow em natural with surrounding type of lighting :hello:
  7. i want to use all my space but with training techniques as well. like i said, to maximize yield. tho i did consider just doing it regular to start, but supplemental lighting probably will be a problem on this first grow.
  8. In that case I would do LST.
  9. i'm in a similar setup and am torn between lsting or topping for four main colas and supercropping these extensively =S

    Can I ask what ventilation system you are using?

  10. i think for my first time i am going to go with LST and maybe some topping combined.
    scrog is a possibility still, but leaning more towards the LST.

    ventilation, well in the pic u can see on the top right there is a black fan, being used as an exhaust fan. its a 4" 200 CFM fan. and it blows out through a duct in the side.

    on the bottom left there is a 5" passive intake vent covered with an air filter.
  11. Really no point to combine a low stress method with a high stress method. LST will provide you with a ton of bud sites by itself. I am a week into flower and I already have 20+ per plant. Zero topping. I did start a little super cropping of the bud sites today though.
  12. the one part that kinds confused me with lst tho, is does it provide more cola's or just light gets to more budsites therefor making those budsites shoot up massive buds?
  13. Think of it this way.

    The plant naturally thinks it has one main cola and several more side bud sites will also develope into smaller cola's. But the plant focus's growth on the main.

    What LST does is pull the main top "cola" down below the level of the main stem. What ever top is the highest from the main stem is assumed to be the top. When you tie the top down and confuse the plant, it starts to concentrate more growth resources to the side branches that are now above the top.

    What you end up with is a lower bushier plant with several large main cola's and several smaller ones as opposed to a plant with 1 giant cola and several small ones.

    Yield is increased simply because the light is able to grow out all the buds as opposed to mainly the top ones.

    This practice will also result in more consistent / shorter flowering times. Because typically in a non trained plant, the top cola is ready for harvest before the lower half of the plant. This will make all the cola's ready at about the same time.

    Sorry so long winded.
  14. thanks for that perfect explanation. LST is what i will be going with. and from the looks of it, my grow will be starting tomorrow, i hope.
    i dont know if u have seen the tutorial on LBH's 4way LST but i am thinking of doing that. without the scrog.
  15. I am also using Lst except i use the spiral version( training around the side of the bucket) I have around 20 tops per plant as well with no topping, except for one plant i fimmed the would-be top cola after LST was complete.I see u have mentioned LBH. I noticed That LBH has a very symmetrical way of using LST but he also combines this with copious amount of topping. He ends up with a rediculous amt of tops but i would think it takes months of veg. to get to that point. If u have the time for that i would say go ahead. i have never tried this method but i can only imagine all the topping would stress the shit out of the plant though. IMO but im no Grow Guru...just my .02
  16. yeah that makes sense, i plan on not taking it as far as LBH did as i dont want to veg for 2 months. and not so much topping either. if it all. but 20 tops for just LST around the pot? that sounds awesome. i think ima do wut makes the plant look most symmetrical and gives me the most tops for the time i have.
  17. i did LBH's lst and only topped once. i vegged for 2 weeks and am now 36 or so days into it with fantasitc results. i have 20+ tops for sure and she is budding from almost every node. check out my grow in my sig if ya want lots of pics with good examples of the lst.
  18. I wasn't able to even come close to training any of my 4 around the edge of the bucket.

    I was only able to bend it to one side and let the middle fill out.

    As it is, 2 of them are too busy in the middle and several bud sites will never make it now matter how much I tuck leaves away.

    With my next grow I will be doing this :)

    1 giant 34 gallon 95% recycled plastic totally light proof tupperware container.

    Its 29" wide, 19" tall, 18" deep.

    I cut two perfect 6" circles on each side of the lid and siliconed in 2 6" net pots.

    I'll have my 4 soda can size oxystones in with them as well as a plastic membrane down the center to keep the two plants roots from meeting.

    I'm using 15/16" eye screws (2.5 cm) and screwing them directly into the lid of the tupperware. I'll use lengths of hemp twine to LST branches this way.

    If anyone is interested in this container, its 7.50 at walmart.
  19. yeah something like that i think would take longer, i plan on using his method i think without topping a ton. but i like the whole symmetrical thing

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