Lst/scrog for hydro?

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  1. Hey GC! Im gonna start grow in the next couple days in a 5x5x7 in a set up about 3 feet high and I only have about 4 feet to play with, I am growing hydroponiclly and would like some good bud but not tall but short and bushy any advice would be great Thanks!
  2. Did'nt you already post a thread on this ?

  3. Not for hydro im not growing in soil
  4. Ok I assumed you were growing in hydro :)
  5. I read about the scribe its the best way to go for hydro but LST with metal hangers requires soil im just asking questions and it wasn't on this one it was on absolute beginners if you don't wanna reply you don't have too

  6. Ok so is it better to scrog??
  7. In my oppinion yes, but it's what fits what you wanna do I would recomend you read all of this Rump is one of the best for hydro scrog grow cabs. If you read all his tutriols and posts you will probley wanna rethink your strategy. I have found him to be one of the most knowledgable and helpful blades on here.
  8. I grow scrog in hydro. I made a 5 x 5 x 7 pvc rectangle then laced some string to make a 3 inch grid. That sits about 18 inches about the tops of my hydro buckets. You can grow any strain under the screen. Ive leaned over a 3 foot tall plant to put under the grid. It all fills in eventually.

    It doubles the yield and all buds mature together.

  9. Double the yield? Do you pics of it so I can get an idea of how it'll be set up
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    OK it will double your yield if your your a newb. I should of said it will increase yield depending on your experience but either way it does noticeably increase yield.

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