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  1. I am currently running my 2nd grow and was wondering what exactly is LST (tie-down) meant for. Is it more for maximizing a small grow space, rather a large room, would you still use this method, or would ScrOG or HST be better for more available grow space? Any advice or opinion would be highly appreciated. Thanks
  2. yeah, I've seen that and I do grasp the understanding that it maximizes your yield, but I guess I'm looking for more of an opinion as to what method would be best for a large grow room, cuz I see that it grows so wide and short, so i don't wanna waste room i guess you can say. I'm trying to decide between LST, HST and ScrOG
  3. LST and Scrog are very similar in terms of results. If plant numbers were not an issue, I would probably just SOG hundreds at a time. As things stand, If you need to stick to a legal number as a med grower or if you'd rather have a jury hear "10 plants" Instead of "100 plants" in the event of a catastrophe, LST and Scrog are both winners. I prefer LST because I'd rather not fight a permanent screen as I run a perp-grow.
    Two small hooks bent from wire coat hangers and string :) . I tie one hook to the string, loop the other end of string thru the other hook and tie a slip know. You now have an adjustable LST rig that will last a lifetime. I keep a dozen or so around.


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