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  1. I plan on using the method in the attached picture. I am a newb grower, and my question is; If i grow the plant in veg state to step 8 as shown, and change to 12/12 light cycle, is this the earliest time to be able to tell the plants sex?

    Basically, is it a possibility that I go through this whole method and end up with a male plant?

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  2. a lot of plants will show sex in veg, some don't. If you veg long enough to pull of that diagram, the plant may show before you switch

  3. Yes, this is possible.
  4. ^Agree. 50/50 odds, in fact.

    You can take a clone of each plant, put the clones in 12/12 until they show sex while the "originals" keep vegging, and then you will know which are your males.

    Or next time you can get feminized seeds.
  5. thanks for the replies everyone! Also, how much light is necessary for a 2.5 cubic ft box (CFL's)? 22' wide x 11' deep x 18' tall.

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