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  1. ok here is what i got, i tie down the plant about a month and 12" tall, when it starts growing towards the light again, do i tie it to the left and/or right of the pot, and continue tying the main stalk around the inside of the pot, like in a circle? because that would make the plant like a coil. but all the pics i see are not like that, the plants main stalk is straight at the bottom. I dont understand because i saw the diagram of the technique, and have read it the way it looks, but the pics i see look nothing like the diagram. i just need help and i've looked everywhere, even that youtube vid, but i still dont get it really, if i try and do this the way i think its supposed to be done ill fuck it up, so please help.
  2. just follow the diagram like the sticky shows and you will be fine

  3. Like the other poster said follow the plans and you will be fine, yes it will look like a coil if you have a circular pot. As it grows just tie it down along the brim, at some point the other branches will take off as well and you will want to tie them down too. I use pipe cleaners that you can purchase almost anywhere for a few bucks, they are very soft on the plant and make for easy adjustments which you will be doing. I also use "SUPERthrive" and "VF-11", with these two products I noted a quicker turn around once I made my bends(plus add to your overall growth and flowering), both of those will run you around $12. PM me if you have any questions, I have a very productive LST grow going atm with an AK-47 with 27 nodes, a Purple Indica with 23 nodes and some kind of Sativa that has 16 huge nodes.
  4. also depends on planting method, if doing hydro, can be a little more tricky if you havent established a nice root base, ive seen over 20 tie downs ona lst, but it was soil, so, depends on method of grow. pz - sm0ak.

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