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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by hello ladies, Aug 16, 2012.

  1. When is the plant most receptive to LST? I assume certain times the stalks will be more flexible... right after their night cycle? after a full daylight cycle right before bedtime? after a good watering? as they're dry and about to be watered?

    I'm sure some times are more delicate than others... LST pros, shed some light for a noob... I got a girl that needs some bondage in her life :ey:
  2. I'm not sure, maybe someone else would know. I guess I bend mine right after the dark period (18/6) and after I water it seems like. I bend the shit out the stems too and they never snap.
  3. I feel like they'd be more flexible when they're running out of water, since they kinda bend and droop on their own... watering makes the leaves/stems turgid, I'd think they'd have less flex then?

    Plus at night, the plant seems to settle, while during the day it's reaching hard towards the sun... maybe it would be better to hit it right after dark cycle, when it's a bit more relaxed?

    Just thinking thru it, obviously experience will dictate better answers tho, thanks for the suggestion!

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