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  1. My honey has exploded in growth since I added more lights. :hello:

    But now the nodes at the tip of the plant are coming in very close to each other, and are producing larger and larger fan leaves. It's flippin sweet, but they're sort of getting in the way of light reaching the nodes and I think should be tied down. Problem is, the spacing between the nodes looks too small to tie down. Is that possible?

    Should I be intentionally stretching the plant in order to LST?


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  2. I'm not understanding your problem. But no, don't try to stretch the plant with your LST tie-down, you are trying to bend and shape it but not pull it.
  3. very nice man looking good., how long since it was a seed? whats your light setup and what kind is it? also how is the smell at that stage of vegging? is it noticable? TIA! good luck!

  4. It was bagseed sprouted Jan 9. At first I was just kind of half-assing it with the lights so it's probably a little behind in growth.
    Now, I have 1 60w indoor grow bulb mixed with 3 23-wattCFLs. The smell is very faint (almost unnoticeable) in the room itself, but my hands smell divine after touching the stems.

    Thanks for the luck! it was my only survivor (this is my first grow) so I need it. :D

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