LST Pineapple Express first time grow (with pics)

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    Hey everyone,
    After reading tons of info and others grow journals and after getting my medical license I've decided to grow my first plants. I'm doing 3 pineapple express's that are clones I got from another patient.
    Haven't had many problems with the exception that I left them in small pots for a little too long. That is why this grow has taken so long (started Jan 30ish.) I just started the 12/12 cycle so I'm patiently waiting for flowers to form.
    I decided to do a LST grow with scrog (or is it sog) spreading everything out as the plants progressed. I'm growing under a 400w light and am using botanicare pro grow (for veg) and pure bloom (for flowering.) Been giving them nuts as the ratios given by botanicare with great results.
    Now, for the pics:
    This is taken at about 2 months when I removed all the tie downs and switched to the screen. Very small. Notice the nice light the metal halide puts out. Love that spectrum of light
    This is when I switched to the HPS bulb about 2-3 weeks ago. The constant sunset orange it fills the room with grows on ya. Plants seemed to love it.
    And here they are today. Growing well and sucking down water. I should mention that I have been pruning these of large fans fairly regularly as I was intrigued by several grow journals where people have used pruning to encourage better popcorn growth and lower the chances of mold. I'm growing in a small closet so mold is a serious concern.

    I'm predicting the plants should yield atleast an ounce all together... maaaybe a tad more ;)

    Any comments, suggestions, praise, or constructive criticism is welcome!

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  2. GL with the grow, it looks great :wave: Grasscity is a great source of info. :)

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