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  1. Heres my only good plant as of right now, it is very well hidden in bushes so its hard to follow each branch but the stem circles around a bucket almost all the way around and then goes up in the is about a week maybe two into flowering and the buds are turning purple so excited and i have one other plant that is not doing half as good oh well:smoke:..crossing fingers nobody finds it.

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  2. hell yeah man I have my trainwreck LSTed outdoors as well. Great job dude.
  3. LST works wonders in any situation, LST is the elite super crop method!

    LST Fo LiFe!:D
  4. What is LST? is it anything like LSD? :p
  5. thanks for replies. :smoking:
  6. lst is the bombeth! im glad u see the light ;)
  7. i just have one question..what does epson salt and Mollasis do? sorry for bad spelling.
  8. Epsom Salt provides Mg for plants. Often yellowing of leaves will be misdiagnosed as Nitrogen deficiency when in fact the root cause is Magnessium deficiency. You must be careful when applying as to much will harm the plant. I only use once early on in the vegatitive stage of growth. Application of 1/2-1 teaspoon per 2 gallons once is sufficient in my experience.

    Mollasses provides natural sugars the plant can use when flowering. Many people claim it adds weight and resin to buds. My experience is that it definitely attracts deer and other unwanted visitors to your garden.
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    I have never tried adding molasses, but must admit that I am sceptical whether plants can actually absorb and use sucrose via the roots. I am, however, sure that it will attract bugs.
    However, market gardeners do not add molasses to tomatoes to increase yield - probably because it doesn´t work. If it did, it would be very cheap way to improve production.
  10. Low Stress Training...LST

    The process of applying traction to the plant to bend (not kink) the stems over to promote more and larger colas by allowing more light to the lower branches. Also, plants grow away from the force of gravity. When you pull the main stalk over to near horizontal, the side branches will grow upward, often times developing colas similar to the main cola at the top of a plant that grows naturally.
  11. yes, lst is like lsd
  12. perfect description and you cant tell from my pics but the main stem actually has a smaller bud growing on it then any of the side branches...each side branch is acting as its own main cola....its like i have 5 small plants but its really one big one:D

    any thankyou for the salt and mollasas info...
  13. i have another question last night i went in the dark to look at my plants...there was a full moon so it was bright already but i used a LED flashlight to look at the you think this could make hermi?
  14. nice plant man...:hello:
  15. More pics:smoke:

    Edit sorry for shitty pics taken with cell phone.

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  16. update of purple bud..again cell phone sorry

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  17. heres pic shows how well hidden it is.. the other are just the budz....

    can someone please let me know how im doing rite now i know he pics are blurry but u can still see nug formation...i think im about 3-4 weeks flower

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