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  1. So I have about 1.5ft of height, and ik that its almost impossible to grow a plant in such a small place. But if I were to do this which one would be the best choice to keep the plant as small as possible?LST or SCROG?
  2. LST would be easier to work with just tie it down after it gets too high, simple and easy, plus you can tie it down as much as you'd like.
  3. i have one baby girl using LST and i cant even begin to tell you how much better it is than just letting it grow up on its own. I have no space restrictions at all and i still swear by it. this also creates a much better yield :smoking:
    never used scrog but i have heard many many positive things about it.

    bottom line: either are very acceptable and a great idea, its up to you which one to use tho
  4. thanks for the replys, I guess ima go withe lst.
  5. in such a small space i would do both first start the lst and gradually even out the plants canopy , then add the screen right about when your ging to flower keep moving the plant all over the screen .i did it once under my saltwater fish thanks stand i just kept pulling the bud sites above the screen and the plant under
  6. good advice. this is what i do and i dont have that height restriction.

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