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  1. is there a better method out of the 2 or just personal preferance?
  2. ive seen great results from both. id say just personal prefrence.....
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    they do basically the same thing. with scrog, the branches are tied to a screen above, with lst, they're tied to whatever anchor you want below. mine is a drumstick and a wooden spoon glued to my hydro tank. scrog is good when you have something stable to mount the screen to. it's hard to remove and get to the plants underneath though. i like lst better because you have access from above. it's easier to water and get to the medium.
  4. Here's my take on em:

    SCROG must be planned. The plants must be tall enough, woven into the screen, etc - to produce the desired canopy of buds.

    LST is usually used as a 'fix' to a tall plant. It requires no planning yet allows the grower to gain a higher yield from a plant that surprisingly continues to grow/stretch above the desired limit.

    I think both methods can yield bounties...however I usually employ them as stated above - if I've got the strain I know will fill a screen without requiring too many plants, I SCRoG. If I dont have the extra veg time, or am running plants from seed, LST is my preferred method.
  5. Definately a matter of personal preference. Also it matters what your operation looks like, lst works great in larger areas to help increase yield, and keep your plants low, and requires much less work as your not constantly putting new growth back under the screen as you would be with scrog. It also makes pretty bushy plants!

    Scrog, technically can be called lst, since it involves the same concept, only your using a screen instead of anchors to keep your plant low. In my opinion, scrog can be used in any situation to get the most yield out of your plants. As far as i know its the highest yielding method of "training" your plants. However you have to consider that if you had something like 60 plants that you had to keep under a screen, you would have a great deal of work to do almost every day.

    My personal opinion, is that scrog works best for smaller grow spaces, it will allow you to grow 1-5 plants and still get a good yield depending on light and screen size. If you have plenty of grow space, and don't want the constant work, lst is great.

    I have often fantasized about a 6' x 4' scrog with two or three 600 watt lamps and a giant carpet of buds to look at everyday. Imagine the work of trainging all that!
  6. Thanks guys, i guess ill be scroging then :D:D:D
  7. I would LST over SCROG, less to deal with and you will still get the big yields you want. LST all the way!
  8. On the topic of scrog vs. Lst.....

    I have recently started my first lst grow, and I think things are going great. I have a small setup in a 4x2 grow tent. Not being able to walk around a grow tray to visually inspect the plants, lst provides the ability to remove the pots from the tent, or at least move them around (soil grow).

    Now, my question is has anybody heard of a scrog method that incorporates small, "per plant" screens that would allow the mobility as mentioed above? My roomate has suggested that we use deeper pots, only partially filled with soil, and attach a screen directly on top of the rim of the pot. Frankly, I don't think this would be a good idea as it would limit access to the soil and make it difficult to prune the undergrowth, which could die and rot and create molds, etc.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  9. I used LST on my first grow, SCROG on my 2nd (current). I used LST when I had the plants in separate pots, the screen is being used now cuz it's hydro and the plants aren't going to be moving. I can't wait to see how it looks when its flowering :D
  10. Havent got a chance to try SCROG yet...

    But in my experience LSt'ing is extremely easy and very effective

    Me and wifey used bread ties to anchor them down from the time they were 2 weeks...

    Everything from super lemon haze to red diesel is looking beautiful
  11. Use both. lst is more bud sites also. Scrog can just help hold all thos pretty buds where you want them.

  12. Yea I plan to do what's called a modular scrog for my next grow. Using this method, it allows me to not only rotate the plants to allow even light distribution, it'll make it much easier to reach the inner plants for training and watering.

    I'm considering calling it my rubiks cube modular scrog since I'll be rotating each modular scrog 1/4 turn.

    I'm also considering raising the outside plants maybe 6" above the middle plant to compensate for the way light is distributed in a more concave shape.

    The pic below of the modular scrog is just a photoshop of what it will look like. As far as I know, I haven't seen anyone use rolling planters like this but I figured it would make it much easier to move each plant.

    I'm still waiting on my White Russian mother to produce clippings plus I still have to root the clones so it'll be a little bit before I start this but I'll have a journal when I finally get everything ready

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  13. Interesting idea that I hadn't heard of it before. I use rollers under my plants to keep them off the basement floor and the mobility is a great bonus.

  14. Great idea with the rollers guys. I'm gonna have to do that my next grow. So I can just wheel my plants around, instead of lugging heavy ass pots all over the place.
  15. Its it too late to LST 3 weeks into flowering? Also if you only did LST and a couple colas would those ones produce more or less then that colas you let grow normally?
  16. Yea man you will be cutting of bud sites.
  17. What the hell are you talking about? I had to do a little bit of LST on my current grow. They stretched way more than I expected(almost 4x) flowered at 9" now they're 33" after LST, they're taller than my light. I was 3 weeks in at the time. The budsites around the bend and below are exploding with the extra light. Just be slow and gentle and don't push them too far.
  18. i wonder, i am doing a pc grow case and i am dead set on doing either scrog or lst. i was thinking a bit of both...the small screen will help it grow along (almost like a vine) across the case from one side to the other. and the lst will just train the bend of the plant to fit under the screen... this way keep the height way down and getting more colas and bigger ones at that..even though its just a micro what do you guys think?

  19. Could work out real nice. Might be a pain in the butt for your hands though.

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