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  1. I will be growing 4 plants in 4 of Rumple's bubble buckets (1 each) in a closet. 5 Gallon contains each with a 400 watt hps/mh system. Can I get some advice on pros/cons of each, LST and ScrOG? Thanks in advance.
  2. LST is far more flexible then ScrOG, when using ScrOG you limit the access to you plants, if for any reason you need to move your plants or change a bucket the Screen will make it very difficult for you to do so with out injuring your plants.

    LST has all the benefits of ScrOG with far more flexiblity the plants can bee rotated for even growth at any time, plants can be removed or maintained with out any hassle.
  3. I agree, ive been researching both for my own grow and i decided to use LST there is an LST-how to forum on here that has a step by step guide with pics included, from what i can tell SCROG does limit access to your plants, if i was you i would do LST, gives your freedom to do what you want and is not such a mess, esp. when you know how you have the main stalk mapped out.
  4. if done properly, a scrog will out-produce all grow styles. with a smaller light, like your using, a scrog is perfect. go give greenmonsters scrog how to a read. it'll answer all of your questions.
  5. I think that BOTH can be used to your advantage. In the veg stages, LST is essential when doing a SCroG grow. Start by doing some training to your plants after about the 3rd node, that should give them plenty of time to develop a good root system, while assuring that the main stem is strong enough to take LST without breaking. The screen can be used to prevent the very 'enthusiastic' branches from reaching for the stars. Simply pull the branch gently through the screen, reposition, and continue trining the plant until about 2/3 of the screen is full of bud sites. LST AND SCrOG can and should be used together for maximum yield!! :D

    Happy Scrogging!!

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