LST on Lowrider?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by gbot9000, Sep 20, 2009.

  1. Wondering is any one has done low stress traing on an auto-flowering strain..?
    would it work/ be worth it?
  2. IMHO LST is never "not worth it" but on the flip side I've never grown any ruderalis...


  3. i dont think lowryder is a ruderalis.

    lst-ing a lowryder would seem kind of pointless to me. lsting needs longer to veg as growth is slowed by the stress the plant is placed under, however with autoflowering you cant decide how long to veg for, so i you probably would just decrease the yield in the end.
  4. If it is an autoflower then it is at least partially rederalis.
  5. there is no point to do LST on a lowryder, wont change the outcome other than maybe producing denser buds on ONE side of the plant. With LST you need to add veg weeks to your plant which you cant do on lowryders.
  6. super cropping>>>>>>LST
  7. figured as much, ty
  8. I tied some of my branches down to open up light to the middle of the plant. I dont think it hurt it.

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